Virtualization Performance Without
the IT Baggage

All the Benefits Without the Performance Penalties

  • 40 times faster interrupt latency
  • 44 times faster timer latency
  • Interrupt latency under 15 µs, achieving near-native
    performance compared to mainstream Kernel
    Virtualization Machine (KVM) and leading IT hypervisors
  • Live migration with less than 500 ms of network downtime

Virtualization Enabled Through Open Source

Freedom from Proprietary Technology and Vendor Lock-In

  • Open source Linux and KVM foundation
  • Open management framework and orchestration APIs for ease of provisioning virtual machines

Virtualization With Built-in Reliability

Reliable Enough for the Most Critical Infrastructures

Carrier Grade

High Availability

Multiple Levels
of Security

Virtualization That Scales

Future-Proof with a Solution That Works Across Product Lines

  • Ability for legacy and next-generation products to utilize one virtualization solution running on standard hardware
  • Software investment protection and forward migration
  • Broad support for different types of guest operating systems

Virtualization for Every Industry

Virtualization Is a Natural Evolution for Most Embedded Designs

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