Open Source Infrastructure Software for vRAN Deployment and Operation

A Heavy Reading White Paper



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The mobile RAN is increasingly software driven and open. The largest vendors are migrating from highly aggregated and optimized single-vendor systems to more modular, open platforms. In parallel, a new wave of challengers is adopting open source and software-led design principles to develop new virtual RAN (vRAN) systems optimized for cloud deployment and operation. A recent white paper from Heavy Reading focuses on the software infrastructure operators need to deploy and operate vRAN commercially at scale. Specifically, it discusses the suitability of the open source StarlingX Project software to support deployment and operation of vRAN on distributed infrastructure.


  • How an open source 5G vRAN architecture can help meet the operational challenges of managing thousands of nodes
  • An overview of open source RAN initiatives such as Open Air Interface, O-RAN, and TIP OpenCellular
  • How StarlingX management of upstream Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters supports performance-intensive high-throughput applications
  • Why the ultra-low latency, scalability, and flexibility of StarlingX make it ideal for edge deployments