White Paper

Keeping Pace With The
Software-Driven Car

How Automakers Can Better Control Software, the User Experience, and Profitability as the Rate of Change Continues to Accelerate

Automakers are still coming to terms with the fact that a “car,” in the eyes of consumers, is no longer defined by its physical properties and capabilities. In many ways, the automobile is evolving into a software-driven mobility service, defined by the experience it delivers while taking passengers from point A to point B. That experience is largely defined by software—from dashboard instruments and GPS systems to in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). And consumer demands and expectations about this software-driven experience continue to change at an ever-increasing pace.


  • The ability to fully control and “own” the software in order to evolve it quickly enough to keep up with changing consumer lifestyles, market demands, and competitive innovations
  • Four key requirements for staying ahead of the curve—and maintaining profitability—in an era of unprecedented change for the automotive industry
  • A software strategy that enables the preservation of existing automotive business and the delivery of new, high-quality experiences throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle