Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli

Wind River Helps Magneti Marelli Lead the Pack

Company reengineers Formula 1 data logger in record-breaking four months

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“With VxWorks, we were able to reduce startup time from seconds to milliseconds. It was largely due to this and our customer’s overall confidence in VxWorks that we were able to win this new contract with Formula 1.”

—Riccardo De Filippi, Head of Development, Magneti Marelli Motorsport


Magneti Marelli needed to develop a new on-vehicle telemetry logger to transmit real-time performance data to pit staff, designers, and engineers during test, warm-up, qualification, and race laps. The ideal solution would enable the company to synchronously collect, encrypt, and send data for instant analysis. Development time was tight, and Magneti Marelli needed to deliver a cutting-edge product fast to win an important Formula 1 customer.


The Wind River® Platform for Automotive Devices, VxWorks® Edition, was purposely designed for automotive devices requiring a real-time operating system. Wind River engineers worked with Magneti Marelli to meet deadlines and leveraged the partner ecosystem to help customize firmware for the data logger.


Working with Wind River and ecosystem partner Datalight, Magneti Marelli not only won a new Formula 1 customer but developed, tested, and delivered a cutting-edge automotive device in just four months. The data logger delivers the desired mix of high-frequency data acquisition and high reliability.