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Wind River® provides a unique intelligent edge infrastructure for the telecommunications market. Wind River Studio delivers the industry’s only cloud-native infrastructure solution designed from its inception to be distributed, highly available, and secure, while supporting the scaling required for cost-effectiveness at the edge of a network. Many firsts exemplify its leadership:

First in Customer Adoption

As communications service providers roll out their 5G edge solutions, Wind River Studio is an essential partner to Tier 1 operators worldwide. Customer engagements remain confidential with these notable exceptions:




Explore Titanium Linux


Explore Titanium Linux

First End-to-End Technology Stack Designed for High-Scale Deployment

Studio offers cloud-native infrastructure built for ultra-low latency in a geo-distributed 5G network. Capabilities include zero-touch, fully automated deployment; centralized single-pane-of-glass management; and national-scale orchestration.

The fully open source foundation of this stack is StarlingX, the standard cloud platform for O-RAN and TIP.

The stack provides real-time performance an order of magnitude superior to that of competing solutions. Its inbuilt distributed control plane enables separation of assets from edge to core to achieve five-nines high availability and self-healing attributes.

First with Engineering Expertise That Spans Field Trials and Commercial Deployment

First with Engineering Expertise That Spans Field Trials and Commercial Deployment

With 40 years of experience, Wind River possesses unique engineering expertise gained from field deployment and hardening live 5G networks.

Our field teams are skilled in vRAN design and deployment in live environments; the company has supported carriers with design, deployment, and support for the majority of live 4G and 5G networks.

This includes significant integrations and field hardening with both hardware and software partners including HPE, ZT Systems, Samsung, Corning, and others.

First for Reduced OpEx and CapEx

Our solution’s unique ability to run a full cloud stack in a single node (or a pair for high availability) at the edge of a network enables up to 75% CapEx savings across tens of thousands of nodes at the edge of a 5G vRAN.

Moreover, this ability delivers additional OpEx benefits for power, thermal, and other operational expenses, resulting in an industry-leading low cost for 5G vRAN infrastructure.

First for Reduced OpEx and CapEx

This set of operational capabilities cannot be found in any other commercially available solution.

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