System Updates

With Wind River Studio, you can push live software updates to edge cloud nodes and edge devices.

Keep your system updated with minimal or no downtime.

Wind River® Studio enables automated, live updates and upgrades, allowing networks to remain operational for each update, increasing savings and efficiency.

Wind River Studio System Updating Solutions

Comprehensive Upgrades

Upgrades include OS and supporting Wind River Studio Cloud Platform components. ​Upgrading applications includes Studio Cloud Platform applications as well as Studio Cloud Platform integrated service applications​. Upgrades of base Kubernetes and supported Kubernetes plugins are also supported.

In-Service Updates

In-service updates are applied to a running system without the need to move the node offline or perform a reboot. This includes software updates to the existing Studio Cloud Platform version as well as bug fixes and CVE fixes. Some updates (typically a kernel or driver update) will require a reboot, but downtime is minimized or eliminated by sequential performance for high-availability configurations.

Upgrade Orchestration

The distributed cloud initiates upgrade orchestration, and then each cloud orchestrates the update or upgrade to its nodes. Studio Cloud Platform supports simultaneous sub-cloud updates and upgrades to speed the process.

Air-Gapped Deployment Support

Minimize risk with orchestration support for air-gapped updates and upgrades to the edge cloud. This reduces dependency on a reliable network connection by performing updates and upgrades locally using cached data, for faster update and upgrade execution.

Roll-Back Capabilities with Backup/Restore

Orchestrated at-scale rollback and recovery for updates and upgrades provides assurance that systems will remain in service at all times, even if there is need to roll back to the previous version.

Updating at Scale with Wind River Studio

In the cloud upgrade process (shown below), controller-0 becomes active while controller-1 upgrades. Once finished, the active controller switches to controller-1 while controller-0 upgrades. The upgrade workers can function simultaneously or sequentially. 

Cloud upgrade process flow

Cloud upgrade process flow

Studio can run on a single node or on a dual node for high availability and can scale up as needed.

One cloud, any scale

One cloud, any scale

Automated deployment

Automated deployment

Studio provides automated deployment of software updates for security and new functionality.

Integrated end-to-end rolling upgrade solution

Studio’s solution is automated, with a low number of steps and rolling updates across nodes. It automatically moves Kubernetes containers and migrates OpenStack VMs through the procedure.

Integrated end-to-end rolling upgrade solution
In-service and reboot-required updates

In-service and reboot-required updates

Studio supports in-service updates and reboot required updates when needed, such as for kernel replacement. VM live migration is used for updates that require reboot.

Wind River Studio System Update Partner Ecosystem

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