Making the Grade with Linux and Cybersecurity at the Intelligent Edge

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Open source has become a game changer for innovation, from the data center to the far edge. Software developers use open source Linux because of its ease of access, flexibility, and leading-edge technologies. It also has one of the largest and most prolific communities, with vast amounts of resources. At the intelligent edge, where devices and systems have mission-critical functionality, Linux adoption has lagged behind other markets. But the momentum is shifting, and Linux has the potential to lead the way for a massive transformation of the embedded industry.

Join Michael Mehlberg, vice president of marketing for Wind River® Security, for a fast-paced micro series covering the requirements needed for Linux to make the grade at the intelligent edge.

Using open source early in the proof-of-concept cycle means taking advantage of the rapid pace of open source innovation. Taking your solution to market comes with additional measures meant to protect your device throughout its lifecycle.
Matt Jones, Chief Architect, Wind River

Open Source Gaining at the Edge

The proliferation of open source software on edge devices has grown by orders of magnitude year over year. But a single, static variant of Linux on the edge can’t meet the requirements of every market. That’s why a variant of Linux that could adapt, changing to address different requirements in different markets, would be a huge asset to any intelligent edge company.

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Defining Market Grade Requirements

Requirements differ by market for intelligent edge devices. An enterprise or data center–centric Linux solution won’t cut it for embedded markets such as automotive, industrial, or aerospace and defense. Learn what is vital for strictly regulated markets.

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Performance Matters at the Edge

Performance—specifically latency and jitter—is one of the most common requirements when building intelligent edge solutions. This goes across all markets. Learn how to ensure that Linux solutions achieve these criteria.

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Open Source Compliance

Learn how you can manage accountability and providence tracking of the collection of all compliance artifacts of an open source solution, as it takes form while traversing the supply chain from conception to end user.

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Creating a Secure Edge Product

Get the rundown on a solid process for creating a secure edge product, from methodology to mapping secure principles to design imperatives.

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Cybersecurity Requirements

A cybersecurity-first approach is one that goes beyond traditional security measures and looks at system security from a holistic perspective. Learn about what you need to implement it.

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Managing CVEs for Deployed Devices

Security vulnerabilities have been on the rise significantly since 2016. Understand best practices for monitoring and dealing with CVEs as they occur.

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