Wind River Solution Demonstration

Industrial Workload Consolidation via VxWorks virtualization technology

This 8-minute demo shows how, with virtualization advances by Wind River®, industrial workload consolidation is enabling great performance, functions, and capabilities in the factory. With Industry 4.0 software innovations, industries can bring more edge-based industrial control solutions to factories. Using VxWorks® virtualization technology, multiple separate industrial systems can be consolidated to enable a single workload consolidation solution. The industrial edge can have increased control management, edge data analytics, and ability to run both safety and non-safety applications.

Key demo features:
  • Multiple software systems working as virtual machines (VMs) on a single platform
  • Combined critical controller application and robotic safety monitor with noncritical applications
  • No effect from adverse action from one virtual VM on the operations of the critical applications
  • VxWorks virtualization hypervisor that monitors all VMs and restarts a VM when a fatal fault occurs
  • Ka Kay Achacoso, Application Engineer, Wind River