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Every hour of the day, the aerospace and defense segments face cybersecurity threats on the ground, at sea, in the air, and in space. How can we consistently, reliably, and proactively guard hardware and software systems against these rapidly evolving threats?

Listen to an in-depth panel discussion with Matt Areno, principal engineer and lead of the Intel Security Assurance and Cryptography Team; Steve Edwards, director of secure embedded solutions at Curtiss-Wright; and Irby Thompson, vice president of sales at Star Lab, the Wind River Cybersecurity and Technology Protection Group. View the entire session above, or pick and choose the sections you’re most interested in below.

Matt Areno
Steve Edwards
Irby Thompson
Cal Biesecker

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The Wake-up Call

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Security by Design

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Security for Aerospace vs. Enterprise IT

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Preparing Your Cybersecurity Defense

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