5G and Industry 4.0:
Where Promise Meets Reality

And Expectations Are Huge

November 17, 2020 | 8 a.m. PT

During the first industrial revolution, Adam Smith predicted a 480% increase in productivity through what was then a revolutionary idea: division of labor. Fast forward to the fourth industrial revolution. How will new technologies and practices being implemented today change how we do things in the future?

To answer this question, we spoke with nearly 500 industrial leaders in the U.S. and Europe to understand their current objectives, what initiatives they are pursuing to meet those objectives, and what technologies and use cases they think will drive those initiatives the most. We also asked about expected outcomes, connectivity preferences, and timelines for adoption.

Join Harry Forbes, research director at ARC Advisory Group, and Dr. Nermin Mohamed, head of telco at Wind River®, to learn how communications service providers and industrial firms can use technologies such as 5G, AI, autonomous robots, and analytics to impact customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and profit margins.

  • Harry Forbes,
    Research Director,
    ARC Advisory Group
  • Dr. Nermin Mohamed,
    Head of Telco,
    Wind River

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