Part 1 // Open Source Gaining at the Edge

The proliferation of open source software on edge devices has grown by orders of magnitude year over year. But a single, static variant of Linux on the edge can’t meet the requirements of every market. That’s why a variant of Linux that could adapt, changing to address different requirements in different markets, would be a huge asset to any intelligent edge company.

Open source has become a game changer for innovation, from the data center to the far edge. Software developers use open source Linux because of its ease of access, flexibility, and leading-edge technologies. It also has one of the largest and most prolific communities, with vast amounts of resources. At the intelligent edge, where devices and systems have mission-critical functionality, Linux adoption has lagged behind other markets. But the momentum is shifting, and Linux has the potential to lead the way for a massive transformation of the embedded industry.

Join Michael Mehlberg, vice president of marketing for Wind River® Security, for a fast-paced micro series covering the requirements needed for Linux to make the grade at the intelligent edge.

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