DevSecOps in the Automotive Sector

Bolt-on solutions are no longer adequate to the challenge of ensuring vehicle security. Best practices now embrace the principles of DevSecOps, embedding protections at the earliest stages of development and providing long-term automated testing.

Vehicle manufacturers and independent software vendors developing automotive solutions are increasingly adopting DevSecOps practices to bolster security protections and add to the safety of vehicle operations. Assessing and eliminating potential vulnerabilities as an integral part of the design during the early stages of development leads to more secure solution releases and more effective code maintenance.

DevSecOps, which is a natural extension of familiar DevOps practices, automates tasks and brings consistency and structure to code development. Frequent code releases and reviews, security monitoring, and simulations are used to identify risk factors and alleviate them during development and as part of an ongoing maintenance regimen. As autonomous and semiautonomous vehicles begin to fill the roadways, the increased security DevSecOps promises is vital to ensuring customer trust, meeting rising cybersecurity challenges, and improving driving safety.

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