Airbiquity and Wind River Solution Brief

Airbiquity® and Wind River® are collaborating to integrate key technologies for the development of an end-to-end software lifecycle management solution for connected and autonomous vehicles, spanning vehicle to cloud. The solution enables secure and intelligent over-the-air (OTA) software updates and data management.

Proper and proactive management of software over the course of a vehicle’s lifecycle is becoming increasingly important to enhance performance, maintain value, and address safety and security threats. Using OTA, automotive OEMs can securely transmit diagnostic and operational data and efficiently deploy software updates to mitigate recall expenses and enable new vehicle features.

Together, Wind River and Airbiquity provide the automotive industry an open and flexible OTA solution combining market-leading software technology components to create a comprehensive, interoperable, pre-validated OTA solution backed by the expertise of two industry-leading software technology companies. An integrated solution combining Wind River Edge Sync and Airbiquity OTAmatic® also has applicability to multiple nonautomotive IoT sectors, such as medical, industrial, aerospace, military, and telecommunications.

Wind River is contributing Edge Sync, a highly modular OTA update and software lifecycle management solution. Airbiquity is contributing OTAmatic, a cloud-based OTA service including OTA orchestration, campaign management, software and data management, and Uptane-based security framework capabilities.

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