5G Solution Brief

5G technology, bringing improved latency, capacity, and speed, is expected to enable new business models and use cases in a wide range of market segments. Clearly the most impacted market is telecom, which will be required to deploy large amounts of networking infrastructure, such as virtual radio access networks (vRAN) to support the new spectrum and resulting use cases.

It’s expected that the automotive industry will become the largest market opportunity for 5G Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, representing 53% of the overall 5G IoT endpoint opportunity in 2023,1 according to Gartner. The company also forecasts strong demand for 5G-enabled outdoor cameras used by city and building operators to enhance physical security. Other 5G-relevant market segments are factory automation and logistics, in which robots perform manufacturing tasks and carry materials around warehouses. In medical, ultra-low latency 5G networks will support remote, collaborative surgery with doctors and patients in different geographic locations. Agricultural use cases include automated tractors and drones helping to plant and harvest crops. And these are just a handful of the emerging opportunities.

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