Wind River® Linux enables you to build and deploy robust, reliable, and secure Linux-based embedded devices and systems, without the risk and development effort associated with roll-your-own (RYO) in-house efforts. Let Wind River keep your code base up-to-date, track and fix defects, apply security patches, customize your runtime to adhere to strict market specifications and certifications, facilitate your IP and export compliance, and significantly reduce your costs.

Core Capabilities

  • Build and deploy robust, reliable, and secure Linux-based edge devices and systems without the risk and development effort associated with roll-your-own (RYO) in-house efforts.
  • Accelerate time-to-market, reduce total cost of ownership, and unlock the full potential of open software for embedded systems.
  • Take advantage of freedom from royalties or subscriptions on deployed devices.
  • Work with completely open source and Yocto Project–compatible tools.
  • Take advantage of purpose-built Linux that is configurable for small disk and memory size, real time (preempt_rt), and high availability.
  • Avoid liability and compliance issues with full content, copyright, and licensing information on all Wind River packages.


Wind River Linux is backed by our award-winning global support organization offering live help in multiple time zones. For more information, visit www.windriver.com/support.


Our CMMI Level 3–rated services organization offers BSP development, secure boot services, solution assessment, consulting, design, certification services, and more.

For more information, visit www.windriver.com/services.


Wind River offers technical, hands-on training, mentoring, and on-demand learning. For more information, visit www.windriver.com/education.

Key Features

Industry-Leading Embedded Linux

  • Extreme customization for building a complete embedded solution, including the Linux OS and your application
  • Five-year standard support and maintenance with optional long-term support after the first five years
  • Continuous monitoring and fixes for all common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) affecting the product
  • Comprehensive hardware support across a variety of architectures via board support packages (BSPs)
  • Optional cloud-native tools for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of intelligent edge systems
  • Single and multi-core processor support and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
  • Support for more than 30 different reference boards, in alignment with semiconductor vendors’ SDKs
  • Based on Yocto Project 3.3 and the 5.10 LTS Linux kernel
  • Available as Yocto Project–based source or as pre-built binary images
  • Flexibility to configure and update custom Linux images with Linux Assembly Tool and OSTree
  • Full support for Docker containers
  • Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) compliant
  • Curated user space packages focused on embedded use cases
  • FOSS compliance artifacts for software bill of materials (SBOM), with Open Chain 2.1 compliance
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard certified
  • Wide range of Professional Services capabilities including BSP creation, frozen tree support, and managed services

Multiple Development Options

  • Long Term Support (LTS) with regular maintenance and CVE fixes
  • Binary distribution with the Linux Assembly Tool (LAT) and OSTree for quicker time-to-value

Project-Based Pricing

  • No deployed unit-based royalties
  • Project-based pricing — only pay for what you need
  • Options to add additional releases and BSPs


  • Secure boot (digitally signed image)
  • Continuous CVE monitoring and mitigation
  • Standard Linux security features: SElinux and PAM
  • Optional integration with Wind River Titanium Security Suite

DevOps Development Process

  • 3,000 builds daily
  • More than 60,000 test cases
  • All sprint releases GA tested
  • CVE monitoring and mitigation

Companion Products

Wind River Studio

  • Cloud-native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent edge systems
  • Architected to deliver digital scale across the full lifecycle through a single pane of glass to accelerate transformative business outcomes
  • DevSecOps environment for builds to thrive on the intelligent edge
  • Multiple parallel workflows with CI/CD
  • Web-based interface for collaborative best practicess

Wind River Titanium Security Suite

  • Simplifies mandatory access control
    • Denies by default access to protected entities even from root-level users
    • Controls and restricts direct access to system hardware resources, such as peripherals and storage devices
  • Enables OS hardening and attack surface reduction
    • Prevents unsigned module loading and enforces keychain controls
    • Limits an attacker’s ability to debug or subvert protected applications and their libraries
    • Removes unnecessary kernel functionality and features