For 30 years Wind River® has been creating tools for embedded software development. We have helped software developers from around the world meet the most demanding device, system, and networking requirements.



Wind River Workbench is a complete suite of developer tools for software running on Wind River platforms. It's everything you need to quickly configure your operating system, analyze and tune your software, and debug an entire system.

Quickly Customize to Your Needs

Tailor your operating system image with Workbench's visual Kernel Configurator for Wind River Linux and VxWorks®.

Easily See All Your Code

Peer deep inside your platform's application code, third-party libraries, and operating system using Workbench's dynamic and visual analysis tools.

Efficiently Manage Your Software

Workbench uses a target agent connection for a debugging solution capable of taming the most complex systems across your development lifecycle.

Find out how Wind River can help you create the next generation of systems and devices.



For over 30 years, Wind River Diab Compiler has been helping developers create safety-critical applications in the automotive, industrial, medical, and aerospace industries. Diab Compiler can help software teams boost application performance, reduce memory footprint, and produce high-quality, standards-compliant object code for embedded systems.

Big Performance. Tiny Footprint.

Diab Compiler’s unique optimization technology generates extremely fast, high-quality object code in the smallest possible footprint.

The Latest Industry Standards

Due to collaboration with key semiconductor partners, Diab Compiler is available for the latest microcontrollers and microprocessors. Support for older processors is maintained for extended periods of time to allow customers to leverage new versions of the compiler for projects with long lifecycles.

Reliable Quality and Automotive SPICE Process

Mission-critical applications across the globe rely on Diab Compiler’s 30 years of field and lab testing, as do hundreds of millions of successful deployed devices in certified applications for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.

Key Safety Requirements Supported

Diab Compiler has been used in projects for automotive functional safety, and we are proud of the millions of successful deployed products in safety critical markets such as industrial, medical, avionics, and automotive.

Global and Local Support

Diab Compiler is supported by our award-winning and certified support organization. We have six global support centers to provide assistance with any needs our customers might have.

Architecture Support

We support a broad base of popular processors.



Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)-Based Technology

LLVM technology combined with the familiar interface of Diab lets us stay in lockstep with the latest SoC architecture advancements and be highly responsive to customers’ evolving embedded needs.

Find out how Wind River can help you create the next generation of systems and devices.



Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards programs and open source initiatives. We are committed to helping build highly interoperable and flexible networks that can continuously adapt to meet today’s constantly evolving communications needs.

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