Wind River on Amazon Web Services
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Wind River Studio Developer and Wind River Edge on AWS deliver cloud-scale DevOps for mission-critical intelligent systems.


Wind River Studio Demo at the AWS Innovation and Prototype Lab

Wind River® Studio Developer, a cloud-native DevOps platform for embedded, now runs on AWS. Wind River and AWS have set up a complete demonstration of development, testing, and deployment for software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Previously demonstrated at CES 2024, this demo is open for customers at the AWS Santa Clara Prototyping and Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley. Contact us for a tour of the lab and an opportunity to experience the Studio demo.

The demo integrates with Amazon Q and AWS CodeWhisperer, bringing AI-based code completion to developers. Additionally, Wind River Studio Digital Feedback Loop enables data collection on the edge and analysis in the cloud, informing future roadmap features.

Wind River demo at the AWS Prototype Lab

Wind River Studio Developer

Wind River Studio on AWS

Wind River Studio on AWS supports high developer productivity, software quality, and faster time-to-market. It optimizes embedded development workflows, provides scalable testing on the cloud, and supports integration with existing tools through Wind River Studio Gallery connectors. With Studio, customers can gain data-driven insights and deliver OTA updates.

Wind River Edge on AWS

Wind River offers the VxWorks® Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to develop and test real-time applications in the cloud. Wind River also provides the Wind River Linux AMI and DevSecOps workshop for customers interested in our technologies. These AMIs enable developers to quickly set up cloud development environments for embedded devices.

Wind River AMIs let developers accelerate the setup of new projects.