Wind River Announces Powerful Debugging Solution; Supports Complete Development Lifecycle


  • Wind River Probe accelerates debugging from board bring-up through production and manufacturing
  • Provides fastest high-speed USB connection, offering unprecedented debug efficiency
  • Enables more design iterations per cycle and increases product quality


Alameda, Calif.—October 11, 2004—Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), today announced the availability of Wind River Probe, a powerful connection cable with high-speed USB connectivity, enabling faster download speeds and enhanced debug performance. With the Wind River Probe, customers can increase product quality and free engineers to focus on product innovation. As part of Wind River’s strategy to provide developers a single development suite that supports system architects to application developers, Wind River Probe will be integrated into Wind River Workbench later this year, enabling development teams to standardize on a common development suite from hardware bring-up through application development.

“By bringing to market a faster, end-to-end debug solution, Wind River is increasing developer productivity and helping companies build better products,” said John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer for Wind River. “Our commitment to customer success makes Wind River one of the most trusted development partners in the device software business. And, with the Wind River Probe, our customers can now officially debug the debugging process.”

With the average lines of code in devices expected to surpass two million by 2006, device software development continues to grow increasingly more complex. Engineers are faced with the time-consuming task of scrutinizing and debugging multiple systems with more and more lines of code, which until now was often hampered by the performance or capability of available on-chip debugging solutions. What’s more, teams at different development phases often use debugging tools that are incompatible. Until today, the process as a whole remained inefficient, causing missed market deadlines and high rework costs.

Today, Wind River Probe provides the device software industry with a complete window into the device software development lifecycle. By standardizing on Wind River Probe, developers have the industry’s fastest high-speed USB connection between a host debugger and target microprocessor for PC-based development. It also provides a high-performance emulation system that offers industry-leading download speeds, overall debug throughput and unprecedented debug efficiency.

Key Wind River Probe features include:
- USB 2.0 connectivity: ease of use, plug and play, high speed
- 100Mhz JTAG clock speed capability
- Bus powered: no external power supply required
- Broad processor coverage support
- VxWorks OS awareness, ThreadX OS awareness, and Linux debug capability

The initial release of Wind River Probe will be with Wind River’s widely used visionCLICK debugger, for all JTAG based Power PC products and will support targets running VxWorks, Linux and ThreadX operating systems among others. Later this year, the Wind River Probe will be available as part of the Wind River Workbench development suite as well as expanded support planned for Intel, MIPS, and additional Power PC and ColdFire processor families.

About Wind River
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