Wind River Announces Extended Architecture Support for Leading Embedded Virtualization Offering

ALAMEDA, Calif. — September 7, 2011 — Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, has extended architecture support for Wind River Hypervisor, its high-performance embedded hypervisor designed to help companies consolidate systems and adopt virtualization and multi-core technology in embedded devices. The broadened architecture support found in the latest release of Wind River Hypervisor offers a unique synergy of capabilities that will enhance the use of embedded virtualization across a wide range of market segments.

Wind River Hypervisor extends its hardware architecture support to include ARM Cortex™-A9 MPCore, providing companies in the industrial and medical market segments with the ability to run real-time applications alongside human machine interface (HMI) applications. Additionally, new support for Microsoft Windows 7 allows customers to achieve workload consolidation by running real-time applications alongside graphics-rich HMI software. Wind River Hypervisor provides the guaranteed separation and isolation on ARM, Intel and Freescale's QorIQ™, and lays the foundation for running functions requiring safety certification by government and regulatory bodies (e.g., IEC-61508), and/or security certified workloads alongside other workloads, thereby reducing certification costs and allowing for the creation of more innovative devices.

Network equipment providers will benefit from new scalability features, such as the ability to dynamically create virtual machines and migrate them between CPU cores to save power. The release also provides an internal Ethernet switch that enables users to create isolated internal networks and inter-virtual machine communication through standards-based protocols. Additionally, networking companies on Intel architecture will be able to take advantage of PCIe device isolation and partitioning with this release's support for the SR-IOV standard which offers the ability to share Ethernet devices among multiple virtual machines while maintaining hardware access speeds.

"Kontron uniquely leverages the virtualization technology of Wind River Hypervisor to enhance its line of 10G and 40G ATCA hub blades," said Benoit Robert, executive director, product management at Kontron. "The result is a more intelligently designed product that reduces both the bill of materials and the total cost of ownership for our telecom equipment manufacturer clients."
"The effective adoption and optimization of embedded virtualization and multi-core when developing embedded devices are game changers across all the markets we serve," said Cory Bialowas, vice president of embedded virtualization product management at Wind River. "Wind River's unique combination of a high-performance hypervisor, deeply integrated operating systems, and advanced graphical tools for configuring, debugging and profiling virtualized embedded targets, provide significant opportunities for companies building next-generation products."

Wind River Hypervisor is an integral part of Wind River's comprehensive embedded software portfolio. It supports virtualization and partitioning for embedded systems, provides integration with Wind River and third party operating systems, and provides a complete virtualization-aware development environment. Wind River Hypervisor allows device software developers to take advantage of multicore and virtualization to create high-performing products quickly and easily, while decreasing time-to-market and increasing product competitiveness for next-generation devices.

Wind River was recently named the embedded virtualization market leader by VDC Research Group. In VDC's 2011 ‘Virtualization for Mobile and Embedded Systems’ report, Wind River achieved the highest share of the market in 2010 with greater than 30 percent of total market revenue.

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