Wind River Test Management Reduces the Risk of Defects in Untested Code

ALAMEDA, Calif. — August 22, 2011 — Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, today introduced the latest version of Wind River Test Management, a test automation system for monitoring, executing and managing embedded device software testing. The full-featured test management solution identifies high-risk segments in production code, enabling optimized testing that focuses just on changes between builds.

The patented dynamic instrumentation technology found in Wind River Test Management 4.0 enables test coverage at the branch and block level, working directly on optimized production binaries. In addition to its capability to analyze production code to understand changes between builds, the system highlights areas of the application that are impacted by changes and focuses the testing resources on those higher-risk segments. The Automatic Test Suite Generator module acts as a Decision Support System and drastically reduces risk and test cycles by creating an enhanced test suite according to customer defined rules and constraints.

The latest version of Wind River Test Management also provides an open framework for custom integration to any third-party test management, defect tracking, and requirement management application, as well as specific integration add-ons for IBM Rational Quality Manager, IBM DOORS, IBM ClearQuest and HP Quality Center.

"Wind River Test Management has tremendously helped us improve the productivity of our firmware testing team, significantly reducing the overall development cycle time. And although we already had more than 20 tools as part of our test and development process, test plans and test results were still mostly paper based," said Gustavo Perez, general manager of CT engineering at GE Healthcare. "Wind River Test Management easily integrates with our existing solutions, such as HP Quality Center, to provide a complete automated regression testing suite running tests remotely on the target and collecting valuable metrics for tracking test progress and software quality. GE Healthcare operates on a 'zero defects' policy and Wind River helps ensure that this policy is met much faster than before."

"To manage costs and product defect risks with increasingly aggressive time-to-market goals, device manufacturers are turning to new automation tools that help them monitor, manage and improve the testing process," said Ido Sarig, vice president of product marketing at Wind River. "The new features in Wind River Test Management help reduce the risk that defects in untested code will slip through unnoticed, with potentially grave consequences. They also provide bottom-line payback by enabling product companies to generate significant business value through more predictable development and reliable delivery of higher-quality products at a lower cost and with less risk."

Other key features of Wind River Test Management 4.0 include:

  • A complete device reservation and scheduling system as part of the Virtual Lab Manager (VLM), which enables future device reservations and a visual scheduler

  • Test case versioning for test cases and scripted test components, that preserves change history to support various regulatory standards for auditing and access control

  • Support for systems with short time frame “watchdog” or “heartbeat” utilities, which further improves scalability and response time to enable the instrumentation of 70,000 functions in less than one second

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