Wind River and Beijing Traffic Control Technology Collaborate to Develop Advanced Subway Train Control System

Beijing, China – June 8, 2011 – Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, and Beijing Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing TCT) have partnered in the development of the Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system employed in the Yizhuang and Changping lines of the Beijing subway network. The CBTC system, developed locally in China by Beijing TCT using Wind River’s real-time operating system VxWorks, is an automatic train control system that can handle train traffic running with targeted intervals of 90 seconds. This achievement positions China as a leader in developing and adopting highly sophisticated advanced traffic control systems.

The CBTC system underwent multiple stages prior to its actual implementation, including lab development, pilot line experiments and operation line experiments. The completion of the project demonstrates a successful and smooth cooperation from multiple parties across the government, industry, research and academic sectors. Throughout the entire development process, in addition to providing VxWorks as the foundational software platform, Wind River also delivered professional services and technical support.

“The official launch of the Yizhuang and Changping lines of the Beijing subway, operating using our CBTC system, is a significant milestone for the rail transit industry in China, for our company as well as for Wind River,” said Wang Zhiyu, director of president office at Beijing Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. “With the help of Wind River’s robust and advanced technology, and its integrated professional services and technical support, we completed this project with great success.”

Jens Wiegand, vice president of industry solutions at Wind River, commented, “Wind River is dedicated to supporting our customers’ passion for innovation. We’re honored to have participated in this project with Beijing TCT, which has become a point of pride within the rail transit industry in China. Using Wind River’s proven solutions, device manufacturers can rapidly develop highly complex systems that also require strict safety certifications.”

With the CBTC system and its moving block signaling technology, railway trains are freed from fixed blocks and the constraint of having to detect their block sections using ground rail circuit devices. Using the CBTC system, two-way communication is maintained between the train and the ground on a real-time basis or at regular intervals to calculate the safe zone between trains. A train can be informed of the real distance between itself and the train in front of it. With this information, the system can calculate instructions for the best braking curve for the following train. This helps to expand the traffic capacity of the railway while also improving safety.

The CBTC system from Beijing TCT showcases local ingenuity and further encourages the self-development and growth of advanced rail transit operation control systems in Beijing and other cities in China. Developers from Beijing TCT standardized on VxWorks to design, implement and maintain key application software for the CBTC system given VxWorks’ set of proven, reliable and highly efficient solutions, which also fulfills the needs of an application control system requiring stringent safety standards.

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