Raptor Networks Delivers Next Generation Distributed Switch Using Wind River

  • Wind River’s General Purpose Platform, VxWorks Edition and professional services enables Raptor to focus on innovation and competitive differentiation
  • With Wind River, Raptor delivers next generation switch on time
  • Raptor’s ER-1010 is the highest density 10-Gigabit wire-speed offering currently on the market

ALAMEDA and SANTA ANA, Calif. – October 04, 2004 –Wind River Systems (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), and Raptor Networks Technology (RPTN.OB) today announced that Raptor Networks’ new distributed switch, the Ether Raptor-1010, was developed using Wind River’s General Purpose Platform, VxWorks Edition, and the company’s Professional Services. With Wind River technology and expertise, Raptor was able to focus its efforts on innovation, delivering this breakthrough distributed switch to market on schedule.

“The Ether Raptor-1010 is Raptor’s debut into the marketplace, therefore we made every effort to ensure that the product went from concept to reality as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible,” said Ananda Perera, Chief Technology Officer for Raptor Technology Networks. “Wind River provided the foundational technologies and services we required to optimize the device software development process, allowing us to focus our energies on adding the innovative features and functionality that makes the Ether Raptor-1010 a stand-out product in the networking marketplace.”

The Ether-Raptor-1010 switch takes the distributed switch to new heights, enabling dynamic failover and rerouting for data lines for applications such as video, VoIP, storage networks and other high-bandwidth network applications. With its distributed network switching technology, the ER-1010 enables companies to upgrade networks with switches to provide more advanced management of new networking applications. With Wind River as the foundation, Raptor could focus on innovation, creating this distributed switch that is able to achieve data transport at wire speed--the maximum speed at which the equipment is built to operate. The ER-1010 is also the highest density 10-Gigabit wire-speed offering currently on the market, with the versatility to run the most advanced new data applications cost effectively.

“Wind River has a proven track record in the networking market. Through its integrated technology and professional services expertise, we are able to help our customers develop and run device software better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably,” said John Bruggeman, Chief Marketing Officer for Wind River. “Raptor Networks clearly understands that software will continue to play an increasingly strategic role in their business. We look forward to building a long-lasting partnership through which we can continue this exciting cycle of innovation.”
Additionally, as part of Raptor Networks Technology’s launch of the Ether Raptor-1010 product, Wind River was presented with Raptor’s Strategic Partner award, signifying its status as a one of Raptor Networks’ strategic suppliers.

About Wind River
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