Wind River and Its Partners Bring Out-of-the-Box PC Experience to Embedded Market

ALAMEDA, Calif. — Sept. 8, 2010 — Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, has partnered with an ecosystem of processor board vendors to provide Embedded Development Kits that enable embedded developers to begin application development in less than one hour versus what traditionally can take days or weeks. As part of the new program, called the Wind River On-Board Program, the Embedded Development Kits comprise processor boards with optimized trial versions of Wind River’s market-leading operating systems, development tools, and embedded hypervisor and graphics software. Embedded Development Kits from Emerson Network Power, Eurotech and Kontron are available today, and additional Embedded Development Kits from Advantech, ADLINK, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, GE Intelligent Platforms and RadiSys will be available in Q4 of 2010.

Each Embedded Development Kit includes a bootable USB flash drive that immediately turns any host computer into a fully integrated development environment, or IDE, with absolutely no installation required. Each commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS, processor board comes with a pre-flashed 30-day run-time trial version of Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system and/or Wind River Linux. The software from Wind River is optimized for developing, running, debugging and prototyping embedded software directly onto the chosen COTS processor board using Wind River Workbench. Options including trial versions of Wind River Hypervisor and Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite are also available depending on the specific Embedded Development Kit configuration.

"Wind River and its board vendor partners have worked diligently for the past year to formalize an out-of-the-box hardware and software solution that provides our joint customers with a foundation to begin innovating in minutes rather than weeks," said Barry Mainz, chief operating officer at Wind River. "To achieve the desired results required new thinking and some innovative technology. We are extremely pleased with the outcome, and the reaction from initial partners and customers has been overwhelmingly positive. We are confident our joint customers will greatly benefit by not only mitigating risks associated with software integration but by accelerating time to productivity."

Each Embedded Development Kit is customized with a startup guide and a set of comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials that walk the developer through applicable use cases and workflows intended to make the developer productive in a matter of hours, using the included self-directed documentation, play-by-play videos or both. Since each Embedded Development Kit processor board is optimized for Wind River’s embedded software and development tools, customers obtain a more tightly integrated hardware and software solution with easier access to board-specific components.

According to Chris Rommel, senior analyst at VDC Research Group, "We are beginning to see a shift in the embedded market where engineering organizations are considering a more integrated hardware and software approach in an effort to extract efficiencies and improve time to market. What Wind River and its board partners have delivered caters to this demand and can help companies consolidate their ecosystems and provide the embedded market with something closer to the out-of-the-box PC development experience."

The following Embedded Development Kits are immediately available from Wind River’s board vendor partners: Emerson MATXM-CORE-411-WR for VxWorks, Wind River Linux, and Wind River Hypervisor; Eurotech boards Catalyst FX, Catalyst LP, Catalyst Module XL and ISIS and platforms Helios and ISIS ICE for Wind River Linux and Tilcon Graphics Suite; and Kontron nanoETXexpress-SP, uETXexpress-DC, uETXexpress-SP, VX3020 and VX3230 for VxWorks, Wind River Linux and Tilcon Graphics Suite. To upgrade from the 30-day trial versions to licensed versions of Wind River’s embedded software, customers simply follow instructions provided to them in the Embedded Development Kits.

Emerson Network Power, Eurotech and Kontron will demonstrate the Embedded Development Kits at the Intel Developer Forum, Sept. 13-15, 2010, in San Francisco at Wind River's booth #101.

More information about these Embedded Development Kits is available at

About Wind River
Wind River, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), is a world leader in embedded and mobile software. Wind River has been pioneering computing inside embedded devices since 1981, and its technology is found in more than 500 million products. Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, Calif., with offices in more than 15 countries. To learn more, visit Wind River at or


Emerson Network Power
"The MATXM-CORE-411-WR from Emerson Network Power combines Emerson's first-to-market hardware based on the Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Wind River's world-renowned real-time operating system to enable customers to quickly boot and evaluate a fully working development suite," said Paul Virgo, director of marketing for Embedded Computing at Emerson Network Power. "By working closely together, Emerson Network Power and Wind River are simplifying the start-up process by putting all the tools in one box for customer evaluation."

"We have been working closely with Wind River for the past year to ensure our Intel® Atom™ processor based product line can not only run a standard Wind River Linux BSP but that each OS available on our products has been optimized to our individual platforms," said Arlen Nipper, president and chief technology officer of Eurotech in North America. "Now we can offer Wind River Linux and Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite on Eurotech Catalyst, ISIS and Helios boards and platforms as a fully validated implementation for extremely rapid time-to-market systems."

"As Wind River’s lead partner in the Wind River On-Board Program, we have had our nanoETXexpress-SP Embedded Development Kit for the latest VxWorks platform available since April of this year and customer feedback has been very favorable," said Dirk Finstel, chief technology officer at Kontron AG. "These tightly integrated Embedded Development Kits enable us to further reduce time-to-market requirements and increase our value-added services by providing our customers a richer out-of-the-box experience with a compelling set of tools and operating system options."

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