Wind River Announces VxWorks 6.0

Foundation for Wind River Platforms

  • Increased system reliability and developer productivity with new features including memory protection and a flexible application program interface (API)
  • Early access to VxWorks 6.0 and new Wind Power IDE 2

ALAMEDA, Calif. February 23, 2004 - Wind River Systems [Nasdaq: WIND], the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), today announced the next generation of its market-leading real-time operating system, VxWorks® 6.0. Product enhancements include a suite of memory protection features and a scalable message passing architecture. These new features set the standard for openness, flexibility and high-performance in real-time operating systems.

VxWorks 6.0 will be the foundation for Wind River's next-generation, VxWorks-based Platforms. Subscription based customers will receive free upgrades to VxWorks 6.0. In addition to VxWorks 6.0, Wind River is also delivering the new Eclipse-based Wind Power IDE 2, which supports VxWorks 6.0 and Linux.

"Through Wind River Platforms, the company has focused aggressively on adding greater value to its customers as a means of differentiating their products from competitive offerings", said Jerry Krasner PhD, chief analyst at Embedded Market Forecasters. "With VxWorks 6.0, Wind River has significantly improved its core real-time operating system and addressed the emerging needs of the marketplace."

With VxWorks 6.0 companies can:

  • Optimize developer productivity through open standards

  • Increase reliability through MMU-based memory protection

  • Accelerate time-to-market through enhanced error detection

  • Seamlessly migrate existing VxWorks-based IP

  • Continue to deliver products that rely on the core attributes of VxWorks including high performance, reliability, determinism, low latency and scalability

New technology features include:

  • State-of-the-art memory protection

  • Standard process-based programming model

  • Customizable application program interface (API)

  • Non-VxWorks application support

  • Error detection and reporting mechanisms

  • Scalable message passing architecture

  • Dual mode IPv6/IPv4 network stack

  • Integration with Wind Power IDE 2

"We are thrilled to see that with VxWorks 6.0, Wind River has created a product that so accurately reflects the evolving needs of our developers and the evolving requirements of our products," said Mr. Jin-Pyo Hong, senior research engineer, LG Electronics Inc. "We look forward to participating in the Wind River VxWorks 6.0 Release Program and using VxWorks 6.0 on our next projects."

"Now is the time for companies to optimize their device software development process, and with the latest technology upgrades announced today, Wind River Platforms will provide the foundation that enables our customers to build device software faster, better, less expensively and more reliably," said Michel Genard, senior director Platform marketing for Wind River.

VxWorks 6.0 Release Program
Developers can use VxWorks 6.0 before it is available to the general market. The Release Program includes VxWorks 6.0 and a preview Wind Power IDE 2 for VxWorks, which is based on the open Eclipse framework, as well as technical documentation, API reference documentation, demonstration source code and hands-on tutorials. With early access to Wind River technology, customers can drive early project design and alignment with their release schedule.

If you are interested in joining the VxWorks 6.0 Release Program, please visit

To learn more about VxWorks 6.0, please visit

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