Wind River and KW-Software Collaborate On Pre-Integrated Industrial Control Software Solution


ALAMEDA, CA — July 28, 2009 — Wind River, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation, today announced a strategic relationship with Germany-based KW-Software to collaborate on a pre-integrated software solution for the industrial market. Specifically, Wind River’s VxWorks 6.7 and VxWorks 61508 Platform will be tested, validated and optimized for KW-Software’s ProConOS, PROFINET and SafeOS runtime systems. KW-Software is a leading software manufacturer of IEC 61131 programming and runtime systems.

The companies are providing the pre-integrated software solution based on the growing need for commercial software in the increasingly connected industrial market. Industrial customers are seeing the emergence of networking connectivity standards, such as Real-Time Ethernet, as well as a strong demand for solutions certifiable to IEC 61508 and related standards. This collaboration creates an integrated SoftPLC platform that will help reduce integration and quality assurance efforts, thereby reducing overall risk while accelerating time-to-market. Additionally, the combination of the VxWorks 61508 Platform and KW-Software‘s SafeOS will enable customers to more easily reach certification levels up to Safety Integrity Level 3, according to IEC 61508 and derived standards.

Wind River and KW-Software will focus on providing the pre-integrated software solution for several key industrial market segments including industrial control, process automation, power and energy, and transportation. The pre-integrated software solution is based on the most acknowledged and accepted industry standards, including Ethernet-based, real-time communication based on the PROFINET standard and an IEC 61131-3 PLCopen-compliant PLC runtime environment standard for machine configuration, commissioning and engineering.

ABB, a leading supplier of power and automation technologies, selected Wind River and KW-Software’s software solution for creating a leading-edge solution in their market, with open standards in industrial real-time communication, as well as standard software for runtime configuration and commissioning.

“ABB implemented VxWorks and KW-Software’s PROFINET as a foundational component to its Industrial IT Extended Automation System 800xA used in control and process automation,” said Bernd Wansner, Head of R&D Fieldbus, ABB Automation GmbH. “Previously we were required to integrate different software solutions separately, and integration issues and product version changes became our problem. With this collaboration, there’s a software solution from two industry leaders that’s tested, validated and optimized, and meets the specific requirements for the industrial markets.”

Wind River introduced VxWorks 6.7 and VxWorks 61508 Platform in February 2009. The tested, validated and optimized software solution is currently available for customers worldwide. KW-Software will validate the software components and provide testing and commercial support to customers.

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