Wind River and Freescale to Accelerate Migration and Adoption of Multicore Technology

ALAMEDA, Calif., June 16, 2008 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced it is integrating and optimizing a comprehensive software development solution to provide pre-silicon support for Freescale's new QorIQ™ P4080 multicore processor, the first product offered in the QorIQ P4 platform series. The software development solution is expected to enable customers to more easily migrate existing projects or start new projects for multicore application development in advance of hardware availability.

The software development solution will include support for both VxWorks® and Wind River Linux, along with Wind River's Eclipse-based Workbench development suite, running on Virtutech's Simics simulator. This comprehensive and optimized combination of run-times and development tools are expected to simplify and accelerate the migration and adoption of multicore technology on Freescale's new hardware platform.

In today's device development landscape, the complexity associated with adopting new advanced technologies such as multicore, multiprocessing and virtualization can often impede the realization of promised benefits, such as higher performance application processing, cost savings and intellectual property (IP) preservation. The integration of Wind River's tools and run-time technologies on the QorlQ P4080 processor will allow joint customers – particularly those in the networking and telecommunication industries – to more easily migrate their applications from a single core to multicore environment by leveraging existing operating systems, tools and Freescale's Power Architecture cores, thereby helping to reduce risk and re-using valuable technology.

"Wind River's industry leading device software solutions combined with our advanced QorlQ platforms offers our mutual customers a huge advantage to develop higher performing and more competitive network devices," said Lynelle McKay, senior vice president and general manager of the Networking and Multimedia Group for Freescale. "By integrating both Wind River run-times and Workbench in a hardware simulated environment, we can offer customers a significant jumpstart on application migration while also expediting time-to-market and cost-reduction benefits."

The Freescale QorlQ communications processor is virtualized in a newly developed technical solution designed to leverage Virtutech's Simics fast functional mode simulator with Freescale's "detailed performance mode" hardware platform. This powerful combination enables fast hardware concept testing and evaluation, as well as performance verification and flexible debugging capabilities, which can accelerate a customer’s development cycle and increase the overall quality of software.

"In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, customers looking to realize the benefits of migrating and adopting multicore processing must maximize the full potential of the technology while also leveraging years of existing investments," said Tomas Evensen, chief technology officer of Wind River. "In many cases, customers exploring multicore application design want both VxWorks and Wind River Linux to simultaneously start up and run together, and communicate as processes occur. By collaborating with Freescale and Virtutech, we are optimizing our run-times and development tools to create a breakthrough solution that will simplify multicore adoption and expedite the immediate benefits these technologies offer."

"The collaboration with Wind River is noteworthy for our mutual customers as Workbench users can use Simics from within the Workbench environment and can run VxWorks and Wind River Linux on a Simics Virtual Platform creating a powerful solution for Freescale customers," said Michel Genard, vice president of marketing at Virtutech. "We firmly believe that customers who are able to develop software on a Simics Virtual Platform ahead of silicon will not only be able to accelerate their product time-to-market, but will also have a better multicore development platform that provides visibility into, and control of, multicore and system-on-a-chip features, and provide additional debugging capabilities that complement traditional software debuggers."

Wind River at Freescale Technology Forum
Wind River is a Global Platinum Sponsor of the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in Orlando, FL, from June 16 to 19. Wind River will demonstrate the comprehensive software development solution at the Wind River booth #1500-1505.

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