Wind River Announces Disruptive Infotainment Platform For Automotive Industry

TELEMATICS 2008, Detroit, MI, May 20, 2008 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced an infotainment platform based on an automotive-optimized commercial Linux that will significantly accelerate time-to-market of innovative applications for the in-vehicle infotainment segment of the automotive industry. Wind River's commercial Linux platform, Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment, is expected to be available in the third quarter of Fiscal 2009.

In recent years, the automotive industry has faced integration and interoperability challenges with consumer electronics technologies. The challenges are largely due to mismatched development cycles, dramatic increases in platform development costs, and a pressing need to speed platform innovation to help differentiate the entire vehicle. Manufacturers and suppliers have found that traditional proprietary approaches to these challenges lack the flexibility to help create true differentiation. In addition, these approaches constrict business models, while Linux kernel-centric approaches don't address time-to-market issues or development costs. Through Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment, developers, suppliers and manufacturers will be better positioned to bring to market new, compelling products faster and at a much lower cost.

Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment will be optimized for the Intel® Atom™ processor, and will offer pre-integration with many leading third-party networking and multimedia applications. These leading applications include speech-recognition and speech-to-text technologies by Nuance Communications, Inc.; Bluetooth and advanced echo-cancellation and noise reduction solutions by Parrot; music management and automatic playlisting technologies by Gracenote, Inc.; multimedia networking solutions by SMSC; and DVD playback by Corel's LinDVD.

"Wind River is taking the daunting complexity out of the in-vehicle device market by providing a single, integrated development environment that leverages contributions from adjacent industries and will be pre-integrated with a comprehensive ecosystem of partner technologies," said Vincent Rerolle, senior vice president and general manager of the Linux product division at Wind River. "We expect this platform to be a disruptive innovation since it is expected to challenge the traditional approach to proprietary solutions and spawn a level of creativity not yet seen in this segment."

Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment will deliver many of the most compelling requirements of automotive-optimized Linux through middleware optimized for today's demanding infotainment devices. Enhancements will include the following:

  • Consumer Electronics Connectivity: Connectivity with popular CE devices such as the iPod®.

  • Three-Dimensional Graphic Support: Support for rich 3D graphics now common in navigation systems.

  • Multimedia Support: Support for a wide breadth of consumer electronics, video and audio standards.

  • Power State Management: Provides the framework for how the system performs during changes to vehicle and device power state.

  • Fast Boot/Initialization: Working with Power State Management, ensures infotainment device is available within the prescribed timeframe of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

  • Automotive Standards Connectivity: Interoperability with Controller Area Network (CAN), a popular bus for in-vehicle communications and industrial automation applications, and Media-Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), the leading standard for automotive multimedia networks.

"Mobile infotainment products are undergoing a dramatic technology shift as multimedia, communications and consumer devices converge in the automobile," said Dr. Robert W. Schumacher, Delphi general director of Advanced Products and Business Development. "A standardized Linux-based infotainment platform for the automotive industry breaks down the silos of adjacent industries, bringing together feature sets like mobile handsets, automotive and personal devices, at a faster pace and helps to lower costs. Delphi is adopting the Wind River Linux Platform for Infotainment to help speed up and expand the innovation curve of Delphi's next generation entertainment and communications platform."

Wind River is the Official Open Source Sponsor at this year's Telematics Detroit 2008 Conference (May 20–22) and will be exhibiting at Booth #48/57.

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