Wind River Extends Linux Support for Freescale Semiconductor's PowerQUICC II Processors

  • Developer satisfaction improves with Wind River visionCLICK
  • Enables engineers to optimize development across VxWorks and Linux projects

ALAMEDA, Calif. April 27, 2004--Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in device software optimization (DSO), today announced that Wind River visionCLICK, the industry's most feature-rich and proven debugger, now supports Linux debugging for PowerQUICC II processors from Freescale Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola. With significant optimization capabilities, Wind River visionCLICK and Wind River Workbench will allow developers to create and deploy application software for PowerQUICC II processors with a higher degree of flexibility and openness, providing developers with total control of their system at all times.

Until recently, developers have been largely dissatisfied with the quality of Linux tools on the market. Today's announcement meets a growing need across the industry for proven, flexible and reliable development tools for Linux. According to a 2003 survey from Evan's Data Corp, despite the large and growing popularity of embedded Linux among developers, fewer than 20 percent of developers rated Embedded Linux toolsets as "good," while only 5 percent rated them "excellent".

Wind River visionCLICK now provides developers with the following benefits:

  • Linux and VxWorks support

  • Linux development support, distribution and version independence

  • No Linux kernel instrumentation required

  • Hardware breakpoints and built-in diagnostics

  • Drag-and-drop debugging

  • Extensive Flash programming support

  • Open API for in-house proprietary operating systems

  • High speed download and debugging

Wind River Workbench will provide additional flexibility and cross-platform development by enabling:

  • Efficient cross-project, cross-platform development

  • Reduced training costs with one environment, one set of development tools

  • Increased developer proficiency - requiring no retraining

  • Improved collaboration and productivity across the real-time enterprise

"As the leading provider of Platforms that enable device software optimization, we continually deliver new debugging and development environments that allow our customers to develop more reliable device software faster and at a lower cost," said Dave Fraser, chief marketing officer, Wind River. "With the latest version of Wind River visionCLICK and the upcoming version of Wind River Workbench, the company is making good on its commitment to provide truly interoperable tools to both VxWorks and Linux-based PowerQUICC devices."

Wind River visionCLICK is available immediately for all Wind River Platforms. To learn more about Wind River visionCLICK visit:

To learn more about the Wind River Workbench, visit:

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