Wind River Joins LiMo Foundation, Reinforces Commitment to Reduce Complexity of Linux for Mobile Handsets

ALAMEDA, CA – August 6, 2007 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it has joined the LiMo Foundation to support the organization's mission to develop a Linux-based, open mobile communication device software platform. Founded by industry leaders Motorola, NEC, NTT DoCoMo, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, and Vodafone, the LiMo Foundation aims to provide key benefits for the mobile industry including lower development costs, increased flexibility, and a richer mobile ecosystem - all of which contribute to the group's ultimate objective of creating compelling, differentiated and enhanced consumer experiences. In joining the Foundation as a Core Member, Wind River becomes the first commercial Linux platform and tools provider in the consortium, further demonstrating the company's leadership in Linux for mobile handsets and commitment to the mobile handset industry.

"The LiMo Foundation recognizes the importance of Wind River's capabilities in providing a highly mature Linux distribution, real-time Linux and tightly integrated tools," said Kiyohito Nagata, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at NTT DoCoMo and Chairperson of the LiMo Foundation. "Wind River will provide tremendous value through the integration of LiMo middleware with the Wind River Linux distribution and build system, supporting tools and technologies and extensive support of silicon solutions."

The Foundation's open mobile software platform will be created through a balanced and transparent contribution process. LiMo will provide an API specification, architecture, references to open source code, new source code based reference implementation components and specifications for referenced third party software. Wind River will work with the founders and other core members to complete a compelling mobile Linux platform system with integrated development tools, while also working on LiMo's other goals of minimizing fragmentation in mobile Linux and expanding a robust mobile Linux developer ecosystem.

"Historically the market for Linux-based mobile platforms has been highly fragmented, leading to unwarranted complexity and excessive development cycles, which ultimately slow time to market," said Jason Whitmire, General Manager, Mobile Solutions at Wind River and the company's board member in the Foundation. "Wind River joined the LiMo Foundation because we share a common goal – to enable the industry to manage and reduce complexity by providing a compliant Linux mobile platform and tightly integrated tools that lay the foundation for a stable, predictable roadmap that handset original equipment manufacturers and operators can depend on. By taking a leadership role within the LiMo ecosystem, Wind River reinforces its commitment to providing world-class products and support to mobile handset market leaders."

Wind River Linux Supports the Foundation Platform
With Wind River joining the Foundation, LiMo members now have a compliant Linux distribution, build system and integrated tool suite that they can leverage to build their respective handsets. Only Core Members may ship commercial products together with the LiMo middleware, and Wind River Linux will provide optimized solutions for any handset original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or operator seeking a LiMo-compliant operating system foundation. Handset OEM LiMo members are assured that LiMo-compliant devices with Wind River Linux will:

  • Be highly optimized and integrated with the LiMo middleware components and hardware

  • Have a platform from a stable public company

  • Receive worldwide support and professional services for their operating system foundation

  • Reduce time to market by leveraging the LiMo platform rather than 'rolling their own' Linux distribution and integrating other LiMo-certified applications

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