Wind River Enhances Lab Diagnostics 2.1 and Delivers Innovative Automated Test Capability

Alameda, CA – July 25, 2007 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced the availability of Wind River® Lab Diagnostics 2.1, an updated release of its enterprise-wide software diagnostics solution that enables cross-functional development teams to collaborate on dynamic debugging, testing and quality assurance (QA) throughout the entire development lifecycle. Wind River Lab Diagnostics furthers the value proposition of DSO into the verification and validation phases, enabling powerful productivity enhancements for both Linux and VxWorks® projects across the entire pre-release process.

With the updated release, customers can script sequential deployments of Wind River's leading SensorpointTM technology, enabling automated testing up to a thousand times faster and more efficiently than previously available. Customers can now pack many actions (grab, download, enable, collect data, disable) into a single, executable file for manual and long-run testing, which is especially valuable to companies needing to integrate complex systems and test large builds.

"This updated version of Wind River Lab Diagnostics helps developers decrease device time-to-market while also helping to reduce risk of failures by identifying any software issues earlier in a products' lifecycle," said Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst of Interarbor Solutions. "Lab Diagnostics helps device developers improve the device's performance in deployment and general use by identifying bugs and offering remediation paths early and often."

Wind River Lab Diagnostics helps streamline development and testing procedures by:

  • Allowing developers to implement testability and supportability into the operating system running on the device.

  • Empowering developers to dynamically instrument device software to isolate and correct problems without modifying the application source code, rebuilding and re-flashing boards, or stopping the device.

  • Enabling fact-based analysis of software defects, eliminating much of the guess-work and time developers traditionally spend trying to reproduce intermittent problems or crashes.

  • Making it possible to push software to extreme, real-world conditions it may encounter in the field; observing and fine-tuning its behavior before releasing it to the marketplace.

  • Creating an archive of Sensorpoint and device data that will increase productivity from one project to the next.

"During systems integration, verification and validation stages, many of our customers face the need to test software builds of amazing complexity on stringent schedules," said Kuljeet Kalkat, Vice President of Product Management at Wind River. "Lab Diagnostics enables our customers to test and patch running software without stopping, which is a significant advantage for QA. Similarly, Lab Diagnostics also enables teams that are geographically dispersed to quickly optimize and validate their respective VxWorks or Linux platforms, increasing our customers' time-to-market."

Building upon the success of Lab Diagnostics 2.0 launched earlier this year, the updated release offers important new capabilities to Linux developers. In Lab Diagnostics 2.1, a kernel level instrumentation has been added, allowing developers and QA teams to use Sensorpoints to determine how the Linux applications run. Building embedded devices with Linux often means working with a vast code base, which can introduce a level of uncertainty into the development process. With the updated version of Lab Diagnostics, Linux developers will be able to resolve some of the risk and uncertainty.

Wind River Lab Diagnostics is available worldwide as part of the Wind River Device Management product line. Wind River Lab Diagnostics 2.1 adds support for Wind River Linux 1.4 -1.5 for PowerPC and Intel Architecture processors, as well as the VxWorks 6.X operating system running most PowerPC, Intel Architecture, MIPS, and ARM/XScale processors and VxWorks 5.5.1 on PowerPC.

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