Wind River Provides Broad Product Backing for Motorola's Latest ColdFire Microprocessor

ALAMEDA, Calif., January 9, 2000 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for smart devices in the Internet age, today announced general availability of a number of Wind River products supporting the new Motorola MCF5272 processor (see related Motorola announcement, The Addition of Ethernet takes Motorola's ColdFire® Microprocessor Family to the Highest Level of Integration Yet, Dec. 5, 2000). Key Wind River development tools now fully support the most highly-integrated ColdFire® processor to date, giving developers in advanced communications markets a best-of-class and end-to-end tool solution for hardware and software development.

Wind River tools supporting the Motorola MCF5272 microprocessor include the Diab™ C/C++ and FastJ™ compilers, RTA Suite™ and the industry-leading Tornado® II integrated development environment (IDE). Wind River also offers a choice of hardware-assisted debugging solutions supporting the MCF5272 processor including visionPROBE II, visionICE II, visionCLICK, visionTRACE and SingleStep™ - allowing embedded system developers to bring up new hardware, solve tough hardware-software integration and facilitate the production and test of completed products.

"Customers of Motorola's highly-integrated ColdFire MCF5272 microprocessor will be delighted with the rich tool offering from Wind River," said Wendell Smith, Motorola technical marketing manager. "The combination of highly integrated processors supported by Wind River's complete and broad development tools can provide the quickest time to market for our customers."

"Wind River has been working closely with Motorola, prior to the release of the MCF5272 processor, to provide highly-integrated debuggers, compilers, control emulators, real-time operating systems and other tools crucial to supporting the entire Motorola ColdFire microprocessor family," said John Fogelin, vice president and general manager of Wind River's Platforms business unit. "Our mutual customers are now able to develop a more competitive and feature-rich application especially in designs that have limited memory-getting them to market faster with the benefit of tighter integration with Motorola's ColdFire architecture and Wind River's comprehensive product support from hardware bring-up to deployment."

Customer Benefits
Wind River delivers off-the-shelf support for the new processor with a number of benefits to developers. From compilers that produce the fastest and smallest code to optimized product offerings like USB, Ethernet, compilers, etc., Wind River delivers a wide array of products early in the processor life cycle. Specifically, Wind River will offer developers using Motorola's MCF5272 processor:

  • Diab C/C++ and FastJ Compilers and RTA Suite: The most highly optimizing compiling solution and powerful run-time analysis tools for ColdFire processor-based applications.

  • visionPROBE II, visionICE II, visionCLICK and SingleStep: Hardware assisted debugging solutions offering source-level debugging designed for systems engineers, software developers, and hardware/firmware developers responsible for the initial bring-up, debug, test and tuning of embedded microprocessor applications, diagnostics and device drivers. Some highlights for the MCF5272 processor include the visionPROBE II on-chip debugging solution (which provides very high download rates) for PC hosted developers and visionTRACE which adds real-time trace and trigger capabilities to visionICE II or visionPROBE II utilizing built in trace capabilities from the MCF5272 processor.

  • Tornado II: This offering provides GNU and Diab compiler support, the VxWorks® real-time operating system and a new board support package for the Motorola MCF5272C3 Development Board including USB and Ethernet drivers. Optional product support, including the Diab Compiler, will include: USB Developer's Kit, WindView®, VxFusion, TrueFFS for Tornado, Wind Web Server™ and SNMP.

Diab C/C+ and FastJ Compilers, RTA Suite, SingleStep Debuggers, visionCLICK, visionICE II, visionPROBE II, and visionTRACE are now currently available and shipping. Tornado II will be shipping in January 2001 on Windows and Solaris Hosts with GNU compiler support; in February 2001 for HP host with GNU compiler support; and in early Q2 2001 with Diab compiler integration.

About Wind River
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