Wind River and ARC Cores Speed Configurable System-on-a-Chip Development with VxWorks and Tornado

Elstree, UK/Alameda, CA, USA— January 30, 2001 — ARC Cores (LSE:ARK) and Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: WIND) today announced that Wind River's VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS) and Tornado® integrated development environment (IDE) are available for ARC Cores' user-configurable microprocessor core.

ARC Cores has also joined Wind River's value-added reseller (VAR) program, allowing ARC Cores to bundle the run-time license for the market-share leading VxWorks RTOS with the ARC processor. This agreement provides customers with a complete one-stop hardware and software solution, reducing time-to-market obstacles for embedded-system developers of networking and consumer-electronics devices.

"The partnership between Wind River and ARC Cores addresses the growing configurable system-on-a-chip (SoC) market, which is assuming an increasing importance among system designers and end users," according to Rich Wawrzyniak, sr. market analyst for ASIC Services with Semico Research Corporation. "The ability to reconfigure system silicon at little or no cost allows companies to respond to changes in their end markets advantageously and to maximize the efficiency of their manufacturing and marketing efforts. Configurable SoC is definitely here to stay. The ability to offer a leading RTOS and development tools coupled with hooks into the processor is a very powerful combination and allows customers to reach the right level of customization to fit the application without incurring a long development cycle."

"We have been working closely with Wind River on the port of VxWorks and Tornado for the ARC processor," said Jim Turley, senior vice president of marketing at ARC Cores. "We want to ensure that our customers receive a quality RTOS and development tools from the industry's leader, Wind River, and that they continue to enjoy the freedom to configure their specific features in record time. The new age of customizable processors has arrived, and our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to get to market months ahead of schedule with a competitive edge."

"Together ARC Cores and Wind River can give developers using ARC's user-configurable microprocessor core a complete and integrated development solution, allowing them to compete by focusing on their value-add and reducing time to market," said Curt Schacker, vice president of corporate marketing and corporate development at Wind River. "Wind River is pleased to be working with ARC Cores to help meet the needs of the rapidly growing configurable system-on-a-chip market."

Special Integration for Advanced Development
A unique feature of this port is the addition of special "hooks" for the VxWorks RTOS and Tornado IDE that allow developers to modify and extend the ARC processor while using Wind River's tools. Developers retain the full capability to use the ARC extensible instruction architecture with VxWorks and Tornado. These special hooks are necessary because few other microprocessor cores have user-configurable architectures and the ability to add application-specific custom instructions.

With the VxWorks RTOS, ARC developers can benefit from the large base of Wind River WindLink™ partners who have expertise in creating optimized single-chip solutions. Wind River's software is tightly integrated with the standard ARC development environment from MetaWare, a subsidiary of ARC International plc. MetaWare's SeeCode debugger supports multiple targets for development and debugging. The debugger treats the RTOS as another target, using a DLL (dynamically linked library) to communicate with the Tornado target server. The ARC processor uses MetaWare's professional High C/C++ compiler and assembler to support the user-configurable and extensible features of the core.

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