Wind River Announces Diab C/C++ Compiler Support for ARM Architecture

ALAMEDA, Calif., Feb. 20, 2001 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for smart devices in the Internet age, today announced immediate availability of its industry-leading Diab C/C++™ compiler suite and run-time analysis tools for the ARM microprocessor architecture, including the Intel® StrongARM® and Intel XScale™ microprocessor families. The Diab C/C++ compiler suite for the ARM architecture enables developers to create exceptionally fast, compact code to optimize their embedded applications in a wide variety of markets including Internet appliances, networking and wireless.

As a core development tool, the Diab C/C++ compiler suite allows software developers to create an executable program by taking application code written in a high-level language such as C and converting it into machine language that runs on the target application. Compiling and linking flexibility of the Diab solution allows customers to build their applications in an optimum fashion rather than working around limitations of the compiler.

Recent research findings show that ARM's share of the 32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor market grew to 77 percent in 2000. It is well suited for power-constrained, high-performance products including Internet appliances such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), Web tablets and wireless devices. Intel's StrongARM and XScale microprocessors, based on the ARM architecture core, are also popular in digital entertainment systems and networking products. Users of the ARM architecture can now benefit from the fast, compact code and flexible features inherent to Wind River's Diab C/C++ compiling solution.

"Developers of demanding, high-volume embedded designs need dense, high performance code to succeed," said John Fogelin, vice president of Wind River's Platforms business unit. "The Diab compiler is widely recognized as the highest performance C/C++ compiling technology in the industry. Developers of ARM-based products can now benefit from the Diab compiling solution by being able to pack more features and performance into their designs."

Integrated with Leading Tools
The Diab compiler suite is part of Wind River's "stand-alone" class of development tools, and thus can be used regardless of the customer's embedded real-time operating system (RTOS). Other tools in this stand-alone class and fully supported by the Diab compiler suite include the visionPROBE II on-chip debugger, visionCLICK and visionXD C/C++ software debuggers, visionWARE firmware developers kit, and single board computers with schematics and board support packages. Work is under way to integrate the Diab compiling solution for ARM into Wind River's latest generation Tornado AE platform.

RTA Suite
Also available for the ARM architecture is Wind River's Diab-compatible run-time analysis tool suite, known as the RTA Suite, which works together with both the compiler and target system to provide analysis of a program's run-time behavior and memory usage. The RTA Suite allows developers to significantly improve program quality, performance, and memory usage in embedded applications. RTA Suite tools include a run-time error checker, visual interactive profiler, stack use analyzer, link map analyzer, and code size analyzer.

Wind River's Diab C/C++ compiling solution for the ARM architecture is available immediately. Microprocessor support includes all members of the ARM family, including ARM's Thumb processor family - an extension to the ARM architecture that provides enhanced code density. The Diab compiler suite also supports the Intel StrongARM processor family and Intel XScale microarchitecture. For more information on the Diab compiling solution or any of Wind River's market-leading development tools, contact your local Wind River salesperson.

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