Wind River Technology and Services Deployed in Wireless Intel® Web Tablet for Consumers

Intel Developer Forum, San Jose, Calif., Feb 26, 2001 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for smart devices in the Internet age, today announced that Intel Corporation developed its new wireless Internet device, the Intel® Web Tablet, using a suite of Wind River software and services. The concept of the Intel® Web Tablet shares the home PC's Internet connection, processing power and printer to let consumers access the web from anywhere in the home.

The software in the Intel® Web Tablet was designed using components of Tornado for Internet Appliances™, (TIA), a suite of Wind River's embedded software technology, and its real-time operating system, (RTOS), VxWorks®.

Wind River's embedded software is designed for the development, deployment, and in-field management of Internet appliances and smart consumer devices. The Intel® Web Tablet is a perfect example of how Wind River's software, from real-time operating systems, to design and development tools, allows its customers to make the best use of their own development resources, and customize their own design specifications.

In addition to using the components of TIA, and Wind River's VxWorks, Intel used Wind River's development services to implement, test and consult throughout all phases of the development cycle from discovery through deployment. Wind River's services group simulated the Intel Web Tablet customizing, configuring, and testing it under real-world conditions, increasing efficiencies in Intel's design and development process.

"Wind River's portfolio included the technologies we needed for a reliable and functional product concept design," said Mike Reed, director of marketing, Internet Tablet Operation, Intel. "Wind River's service organization is like a virtual research and development team, working with us every step of the way to create an innovative device that extends the value of the PC."

"Companies have been very receptive to Wind River's end-to-end solutions for innovative, smart, connected devices such as the Intel® Web Tablet," said J.C. Sarner, vice president and general manager of Wind River's Consumer business unit. "We aim to provide building blocks - from OS to wireless protocols to Internet applications - that enable our customers to create connected smart devices. The Intel® Web Tablet utilizes components of our complete solution for the embedded consumer market."

Wind River — an End to End Solution
The value of Wind River's TIA is found in its wide variety of development components for connected smart devices and Internet appliances. The Intel® Web Tablet houses several of the TIA components including, Wind River's VxWorks, Personal JWorks, and Windstorm.

VxWorks is the fundamental run-time component of the TIA platform and is the most widely adopted RTOS in the embedded industry. VxWorks is flexible, scalable, reliable, and available on all popular CPU platforms.

Personal JWorks combines the advantages of PersonalJava technology write once, run anywhere capability, Internet readiness, security, extensibility, and upgradeability. Personal JWorks software implements Sun Microsystems´ PersonalJava 3.1 reference implementation and is certified for full compatibility with the PersonalJava specification version 1.2. This assures that any PersonalJava-compatible application will run without modification on Personal JWorks.

The WindStorm component provides a first-of-its-kind client/server Java technology-based architecture for development, deployment, and content management of Internet devices. WindStorm offers a suite of standard and customizable device centric plug-ins as well as host development tools like the WindStorm Simulation Environment. The WindStorm tools enabled the developers of the Intel® Web Tablet to work within this simulation environment gaining an easier, more manageable integration of software to the device.

Wind River development services offers customer education, consulting expertise and Doctor Design™ services - premium engineering design services and project management to help your innovative products from concept to deployment.

For a live technology demonstration, please visit the Wind River booth, #422 at the Intel Developers Forum, San Jose Convention Center, February 27th through March 1st.

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