Wind River Unleashes Tornado for OSEKWorks on Infineon C167 and STMicroelectronics ST10 Microcontrollers

SAE World Congress, Detroit, Mich., March 5, 2001 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND) today announced general availability of Tornado® for OSEKWorks™ for Infineon C167 and STMicroelectronics ST10 Microcontrollers. An integrated software platform and premium development environment for developing complex automotive applications such as engine management, automatic transmission systems, body modules and alarm security systems, Tornado for OSEKWorks allows engineers working with the ST10 and C167 Microcontrollers to reduce development time and increase design efficiency.

Infineon and STMicrolectronics are two prominent producers of 16-Bit Microcontrollers. Automotive applications make up the predominant segment in this growing microcontroller market. According to Gartner's Dataquest report "Microcontroller Forecast and Market Trends Through 2003", Tom Starnes, March 2000 - 16-bit microcontroller shipments for the automotive application segment is forecast to be 260,000,000 units shipped in 2001.

With this release, Infineon C167 and STMicroeletronics ST10 users will benefit from the reliability of Wind River's OSEKWorks real-time operating system (RTOS), as well as the optimized integration of Tornado integrated development environment (IDE). Because of Tornado's large user base, many customers can leverage their engineers´ prior experience with Tornado tools, reduce their development time and allow designers to work more efficiently. In addition, third-party products from the over 500-member WindLink™ partner program along with optional services from Wind River's Services business unit help to provide a complete, end-to-end solution for any project.

"As our customers are facing demands for greater product functionality but within shorter development timeframes, we need solutions that will help us address these challenges," said Michael Erwin, senior director Mass Markets for Infineon Technologies. "The support of Tornado for OSEKWorks on C167/ST10, combined with Wind River's value chain of partners with compatible technology and end-to-end products and services capabilities represents a tremendous benefit for them."

"The Infineon C167 and STMicroelectronics ST10 microcontrollers with CAN support are well suited for automotive applications", said Scot Morrison, vice president and general manager of Wind River Automotive and Industrial business unit." The support of Tornado for OSEKWorks for these microcontrollers enables Wind River to provide leading technologies and solutions to developers of automotive embedded application."

About Tornado for OSEKWorks
Tornado for OSEKWorks incorporates the OSEKWorks operating system (Wind River's implementation of the OSEK/VDX standard, including the kernel, communication and network management specifications) into the Tornado development environment, which permits developers to produce complex automotive applications quickly and cost effectively. The premium development environment includes support for CrossWind™, WindView®, WindShell and the OSEKWorks OIL graphical configurator.

About Wind River
Wind River is a worldwide leader in embedded software and services for creating connected smart devices. Wind River provides software development tools, real-time operating systems, and advanced connectivity for use in products throughout the Internet, telecommunications and data communications, digital imaging, digital consumer electronics, networking, medical, computer peripherals, automotive, industrial automation and control, and aerospace/defense markets. Wind River is HOW SMART THINGS THINK™. Founded in 1983, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations in sixteen countries worldwide.

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