Wind River, Agilent Integrate Logic Analyzer Trace System with On-Chip Debug Solution

ALAMEDA, Calif., April 2, 2001 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for smart connected devices, today announced an agreement with Agilent Technologies (NYSE: A) whereby the two companies will provide seamless integration of Agilent's logic analysis systems with Wind River's visionICE and visionPROBE on-chip debug solutions. The integration allows embedded developers to use visionICE and visionPROBE in conjunction with Agilent's high-performance logic analyzers to retrieve, or "trace" data from the target microprocessor, providing real-time data analysis of the embedded application. The agreement is part of Wind River's strategy to provide complete, end-to-end development solutions that enable customers to bring complex embedded applications to market as quickly as possible.

Wind River has integrated its on-chip debug solutions with Agilent's 16700 series logic analysis systems to enable software engineers to capture real-time trace that can be displayed through a single, convenient Wind River graphical user interface (GUI). Developers can use visionICE / visionPROBE to control the Agilent logic analyzer as well as the target system, with all data acquired from the system transmitted to a single Wind River GUI.

According to a recent market study, over 50 percent of embedded developers responding to the survey had used a logic analyzer in the last 12 months and 65 percent of those developers had used an Agilent logic analyzer. Embedded developers use real-time trace to locate and fix hard-to-find bugs that often occur when bringing up complex hardware and integrating software with custom hardware. Because the processing power and speeds of today's modern microprocessors have increased so dramatically, common debug tools are often unable to retrieve accurate real-time trace information. Agilent's logic analysis systems allow hardware engineers to acquire crucial data regarding microprocessor activity and the target application with even the fastest microprocessors.

"As leaders in their respective markets, Wind River and Agilent have recognized that customers use a variety of tools to debug complex systems. These new solutions provide customers with both the functionality and flexibility they need at the crucial hardware/software integration phase of product development," said Alois Hauk, vice president of Agilent's Design Validation group. "Design teams can now get more utilization out of their Agilent logic analyzer while also obtaining a trace view through the Wind River user interface using the logic analyzer as a bus data capture tool. Agilent's commitment to providing the fastest logic analysis capabilities means customers will have solutions when the latest embedded microprocessors become available."

"The real-time nature of embedded systems requires the visibility offered by logic analyzers," said Peter Dawson, vice president and general manager of Wind River's Hardware / Software Integration business unit. "The challenge though, has been presenting the data acquired by the analyzer in a format familiar to software engineers. By Integrating Agilent's high-performance logic analysis systems with Wind River's visionICE / visionPROBE debug systems, developers can now correlate system activity with their source code and more quickly isolate real-time bugs in a system, significantly shortening the time required to get a stable product design to market."

In addition to displaying real-time trace in the Wind River trace window (LA TRACE), powerful cross triggering between visionICE / visionPROBE and the Agilent logic analyzer enables the developer to trace up to a breakpoint or stop the target when a real-time event is captured. Once the real-time trace data is acquired from the target system, developers can use the visionICE / visionPROBE development tools to test and debug the application with hardware diagnostics and software tests.

Advanced features of the Wind River LA TRACE window include the ability to display trace in raw code machine, source code or mixed mode (displays machine and source), and search capabilities within the trace acquisition to search for specific function execution, variable access, specific code addresses, or data values. Trace can also be filtered to select which function to display and acquisition of multiple traces in a single window is supported.

The visionICE and visionPROBE development tools are fully integrated with Wind River's VxWorks® real-time operating system and the Tornado® integrated development environment, providing a complete end-to-end development platform. The tools are also members of Wind River's "stand-alone" class of development tools, and thus may be used regardless of the customer's RTOS.

LA TRACE is a component of the GUI portion of Wind River's visionICE / visionPROBE tool suites and will be part of the product's standard distribution package at no additional charge. LA TRACE is currently in beta supporting the PowerPC microprocessor family, with additional architectures to be added throughout 2001. The product will be fully available early this summer. The integrated technology will be featured by Agilent's (booth # 918) at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference being held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA, April 10-12. For more information on visionICE / visionPROBE or any of Wind River's market-leading development tools, contact your local Wind River salesperson.

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