Wind River Introduces WindManage Integrated Device Management Solution

ALAMEDA, CA, May 1, 2002 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for connected devices, today announced the release of its WindManageTM device management product suite. WindManage enables manufacturers of networked devices to quickly and easily incorporate a wide range of remote management capabilities into their products, providing a complete set of pre-integrated, standards-based technologies. WindManage will be debuted next week at Networld + Interop 2002 in Las Vegas, booth number 3015.

Device management has emerged as a crucial requirement for todays networked devices, from carrier class switches and connected consumer electronics to industrial control and automotive telematics devices, said Dave Fraser, group vice president and general manager of Wind Rivers Networks business unit. The range of products requiring device management is extremely diverse, with different requirements existing within each market segment. WindManage enables our customers to implement remote management capabilities into their products for virtually any networked device.

As networks grow in size and complexity, the need for strong device management capabilities is essential. Building reliable and advanced device management capabilities into new products from scratch is both costly and time consuming. Development teams do not have the luxury of developing in-house expertise with technologies outside of their core business competencies, including device management. WindManage accelerates the development process by enabling manufacturers to build a variety of management layers quickly and to systematically upgrade and customize management interfaces across multiple product releases and product lines.

As a Wind River WindLinkTM partner, the WindManage open API will allow us to create custom interfaces for devices using Wind Rivers VxWorks and BSD/OS operating systems, and extend the WindManage backplane to new management standards, said Alan Grau, president of Icon Laboratories. Icon Labs SNMP IQ Application Builder and Iconfidant SSH security software leverages WindManage and provides an optimum programming environment to create SNMP, Web and CLI-managed network devices.

WindManage integrates Wind Rivers EnvoyTM simple network management protocol (SNMP) implementation and RapidControlTM device management product lines into a single, unified device management framework. It supports Wind Rivers VxWorks, VxWorks AE and BSD/OS operating systems, Tornado integrated development environment and its extensive suite of network protocols. In addition, the suite is bound together by an IDE-based graphical interface and comprehensive tool set that speed development time through ease of use. Other key WindManage features include:

  • Integrated device management technology Bundles external management interfaces including SNMP, Web server, command line interface (CLI), as well as custom interfaces, with an easy-to-use development framework.

  • Unified Access and Security Provides a single set of data objects that normalize data access and security for multiple external management technologies simultaneously. Unified Tools - WindManage Integration Tool ties all of the device management products together and makes unified access a reality.

  • Extensibility Enables the addition of custom and future management technologies through an open architecture.

Market Focus
Carrier class networking companies are able to use the WindManage solution to extend their currently implemented SNMP management solution to seamlessly add Web and CLI management capabilities, extending the wealth of SNMP management information bases (MIBs) already implemented to these other interfaces. Maintenance personnel of carrier class systems use Web and CLI as interfaces to interact with network equipment using a laptop computer. By using WindManage, maintenance personnel can use the same control parameters as the SNMP console in the carrier control and monitoring site without re-engineering more management interfaces.

In addition to carrier class equipment, networked consumer products such as printers and DSL routers can use WindManage to implement Web-based management systems. Consumer device manufacturers have discovered that a Web browser can be used as a universal management console, allowing graphical, easy-to-use management capabilities without having to build and deploy a proprietary application. Some high-end printers require SNMP management as well, making the WindManage unified access architecture indispensable. When new management technologies, such as XML-based management, become a requirement in printers, the WindManage open API will allow management capabilities to be extended quickly and easily, without re-engineering from the ground up.

Best of Interop Finalist
WindManage has been named a finalist in the Best of Interop Awards in the category of Embedded Networking Technology. Editors from Network Computing, InformationWeek and EE Times selected WindManage as one of the best in its category. Over 250 products were entered in this years competition.

WindManage is currently available for beta customers. The WindManage SNMP agent will be made available for general shipments in July of 2002. WindManage Web Server and WindManage Command Line Interface will be available in Q3 of 2002. For more information, contact the local Wind River salesperson in your area or go to

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