Wind River Introduces WindNet 802.1X Network Security Solution

NETWORLD + INTEROP, LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Booth 3015), May 8, 2002 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for connected devices, today introduced the WindNet 802.1X network security solution. WindNet 802.1X provides a port-based network access control framework that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop and deploy products with an enhanced level of security. By leveraging the security features of WindNet 802.1X alongside Wind Rivers wireless and broadband access product suite, customers can quickly and affordably build reliable and secure networked devices.

Network security is a major issue for both wired and wireless local area networks (LANs). The IEEE 802.1X security standard is a widely accepted solution for this problem, giving network operators knowledge of every network component and the ability to control which components have access to which services. WindNet 802.1X allows network OEMs to meet the security requirements of their customers by leveraging the 802.1X protocol and giving them out-of-the-box interoperability. It supports wireless key distribution and dynamic key management extensions, key benefits for scaling and maintaining network security for todays highly mobile workforces and the growing number of wireless LANs.

As witnessed by the growth of Wi-Fi access points as hot-spots in cafes, broadband cable and DSL modems in the home, and interactive digital set-top boxes in the living room, connectivity is becoming a de-facto feature of all smart devices. This is also driving the key requirement that the devices communicate with each other in a fully secure environment from the establishment of secret encryption keys to the actual encryption and transmission of the data, said Joerg Bertholdt, director of marketing for Wind Rivers Digital Consumer group. The WindNet 802.1X framework and components like WindNet RADIUS, WindNet 802.11b DDK and Tornado for Home Gateways provide integrated support for companies developing secure wireless access points and multimedia gateways.

"802.1X is essential for realizing cost-effective security for access points and wireless LAN installations. Funk Softwares Odyssey WLAN access control and security solution which is based on 802.1X will be fully interoperable with Wind Rivers products, providing assurance to WindNet customers that their products will be compatible with industry-leading WLAN products and strong security methods, said Eugene Chang, vice president of strategic business development at Funk Software. The availability of WindNet 802.1X will play a significant role in accelerating the deployment by the enterprise of secure WLAN access based on 802.1X.

WindNet 802.1X A Secure, Flexible Framework
The IEEE 802.1X protocol uses the extensible authentication protocol (EAP) to pass messages to RADIUS authentication servers. WindNet 802.1X supports various flavors of EAP including fast EAP-TLS, LEAP, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-GSS. The WindNet 802.1X EAP implementation is vendor neutral, as demonstrated at Networld Interops iLabs, to work with EAP implementations from leading equipment vendors. This is a key benefit for network OEMs that need to provide their customers with interoperabilty for a range of clients and authentication servers.

In addition, WindNet 802.1X enables current Wind River customers to easily upgrade network security for their access devices. Since it is based on Wind Rivers device driver model, WindNet 802.1X can be integrated with both wired and wireless devices drivers for Wind Rivers VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). Customers already using the VxWorks RTOS can use WindNet 802.1X, WindNet RADIUS client, and WindNet 802.11b DDK to upgrade existing products with secure wireless LAN features without having to upgrade their hardware.

The WindNet 802.1X framework is available for early access customers and will be available for beta customer shipments in June. It is being demonstrated at the HotLabs booth at the Networld + Interop (N+I) show in Las Vegas as well at Wind Rivers N+I booth (# 3015). For more information on WindNet 802.1X, please contact your local Wind River salesperson.

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