Chair of the IETF IPV6 Working Group to Speak at Upcoming ATIS Security Summit

Margaret Wasserman, Chair for the IETF IPv6 Working Group and principal technologist for Wind River Systems, will participate in a panel entitled, "Evolution of Core Networks" at the ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions) Security Summit. Ms. Wasserman joins other executives from Ciena, Cisco and the Chair of the North American IPv6 Taskforce to discuss and identify the critical technical and operational security issues facing current and next generation network infrastructure.

February 5, 2003

Intelsat Headquarters
3400 International Dr. NW,
Washington D.C.
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IPv6 will have a profound impact on the global marketplace for networked devices, telephony and wireless network expansion. The growing number of Internet hosts and Internet enabled devices has created an exponential demand for IP addresses that will eventually consume the current IPv4 address space. Additionally, as the Internet becomes increasingly intertwined with the nation's economy and critical network infrastructure, end-to-end security and privacy become even more paramount. IPv6 was specifically designed by the IETF standards board to not only provide sufficient address space to support the next generation of connected devices, but also to enable improvements in networking connectivity, reliability and security.

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