Wind River Applauds White House Release of "National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace"

Alameda, CA — February 14, 2003 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), the worldwide market leader in embedded software and services, today applauded the Bush Administration following the formal release of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. This Strategy contains important recommendations for how government, industry, and the public can work together to protect our nation’s electronic infrastructure, the nervous system of our national economy.

Wind River especially supports the Strategy's conclusion that “the United States must understand the merits of, and obstacles to, moving to IPv6 and, based on that understanding, identify a process for moving to an IPv6 based infrastructure.” IPv6 is a new Internet software protocol that will support better security, make possible exciting new Internet products and services, and enable billions of additional connections to the Internet. The Strategy recommends that the Department of Commerce establish a task force to examine issues related to IPv6 deployment.

IPv6 is the successor to IPv4, the software protocol currently in use that assigns IP addresses to nodes on the Internet and is the basis of all Internet communications. IPv6 was designed by the Internet’s global standards-setting body, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). IPv6 offers significant improvements over IPv4 in security, privacy, reliability, and connectivity, and solves the current shortage of IPv4-based addresses, which will allow the Internet to continue its explosive global growth.

The US lags other countries in deploying IPv6 on its networks. Governments in Asia and Europe are cooperating closely with industry and academia in their respective countries to rapidly deploy IPv6 technologies, which will afford them a competitive advantage in delivering new Internet-based products and services.

“Other countries have recognized that deploying IPv6 will enable them to take the lead in delivering many new Internet-based products and services, as well as improve security in their networks,” said Tom St. Dennis, CEO for Wind River. “Our nation is fortunate that the Bush Administration has recognized both the competitive and security implications of IPv6 and is taking steps to protect America's lead in Internet technologies.”

“We look forward to helping the Bush Administration implement the Strategy any way we can, and we will continue to work with other leading technology companies to develop next generation networks and devices that provide secure Internet connectivity and communication anytime, anywhere,” concluded St. Dennis.

Recognizing that IPv6 is critical to the future of Wind River's telecommunications and digital consumer customers, Wind River has invested heavily in developing its flagship IPv6 product–WindNet IPv6. Wind Net IPv6 is a full-featured implementation of the IPv6 networking standards, giving developers all the necessary components to build IPv6 enabled products. Wind River offers IPv6 support for the IPsec security protocol, which provides authentication and encryption for Internet traffic and can be used as the foundation for creating secure virtual private networks (VPNs) and secure end-to-end communications.

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