Wind River Expands DSO Development Solutions to Support Deployed Devices with New Management Suite

Alameda, CA – May 17, 2006 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced the Wind River® Management Suite, a new solution for managing deployed devices that will incorporate remote diagnostics services built around a scalable device management platform. Expanding Wind River's DSO strategy to incorporate post-development device management, the management suite will include the new Wind River® Field Diagnostics, a remote diagnostics system and an upgraded version of Wind River® Workbench Diagnostics, a root cause analysis system with workgroup collaboration facilities. With Wind River's management suite, device manufacturers can remotely monitor, diagnose, and repair deployed devices to provide faster delivery of higher-quality products, help increase competitive advantage and reduce customer operating costs.

Today's hyper-competitive market landscape demands that device manufacturers produce increasingly complex products faster, better, at lower cost, and more reliably. Previously, a DSO approach addressed the development phase of the device life cycle with solutions for a comprehensive development suite and run-time platforms. Because the Wind River Management Suite is tightly integrated with Wind River's Workbench development suite, developers, quality assurance professionals, and field service teams are now equipped for the management phase of the device life cycle, which extends through the entire deployment phase of the device.

"With the introduction of Wind River Management Suite, Wind River significantly boosts the value of DSO by putting highly-sophisticated diagnostics tools in the hands of developers, quality assurance professionals, and field service teams," said Naren Nachiappan, vice president and general manager of device software management at Wind River. "Device management allows teams to identify root causes of problems with running systems, and to monitor, repair, and optimize the operation of devices in the lab and in the field. Customers will directly benefit from accelerated product development, higher device quality, and improved customer service."
"Ultimately, vendors need to begin developing solutions that enable better management of the end product,” said Chris Lanfear, director of the embedded systems software practice at VDC. "As a leading vendor of device software, Wind River understands this requirement and is building technology to support the development community and move the industry as a whole towards a DSO strategy optimized for all stages of the device lifecycle."

The Wind River Management Suite

Wind River Field Diagnostics
Wind River Field Diagnostics is a distributed, remote diagnostics system designed to help field service and development engineers lower mean-time-to-repair and deliver customer support more efficiently. Wind River Field Diagnostics provides technicians with a comprehensive platform to monitor device health and status in order to rapidly diagnose and correct faults. The software securely collects and manages operational information from thousands of devices deployed at customer sites, and is built on a standard, secure tiered-architecture that leverages relational databases, J2EE application servers, and Web services technology for enterprise-class scalability. Wind River Field Diagnostics also helps reduce call times and service costs, enables more competitive and auditable Service Level Agreements (SLA), and allows more productive and consistent global service operations.

Wind River Workbench Diagnostics
Wind River Workbench Diagnostics is the industry’s first Eclipse-based analysis system, and allows design engineers to dynamically instrument device software in order to rapidly isolate, diagnose and correct software defects in running systems. As part of the Wind River Management Suite, the newly enhanced Workbench Diagnostics is tightly integrated with Wind River Field Diagnostics to offer new self-management features, support for additional processor architectures, and a new workgroup configuration. The new workgroup features help developers collaborate to create and manage the libraries of diagnostic instrumentation, patches and procedures used to monitor and test multiple devices. When used with Field Diagnostics, Workbench Diagnostics provides a comprehensive system for device diagnostics that spans the product lifecycle from development to system tests, and through the customer deployment process.

The Wind River Management Suite also includes Wind River® SNMP, Wind River® Command Line Interface (CLI), Wind River® Web Server, Wind River® MIBway, and Wind River® Management Integration Tool. These products provide a scalable, unified, and small-footprint management framework based around a common backplane that enables the rapid development of Web-based, CLI-based, or custom interfaces to manage networked devices.

The new Wind River Field Diagnostics and enhanced Wind River Workbench Diagnostics products will be generally available worldwide for Wind River VxWorks® and Linux platforms on a variety of processor architectures in Q3, calendar year 2006. To learn more, please visit

About Wind River
Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop, run and manage device software faster, better, at lower cost, and more reliably. Wind River platforms are pre-integrated, fully standardized enterprise-wide development solutions. They reduce effort, cost and risk and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process from concept to deployed product.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call 1-800-872-4977.

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