• Wind River representatives will be available at the Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco--Wind River Booth 718--to speak about WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR CAR INFOTAINMENT.
  • Come view the Maserati Spyder, which includes Wind River's car infotainment technology.

Embedded Systems Conference (Booth 718), San Francisco, Calif.--April 23, 2003-- Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: WIND), the worldwide market leader in embedded software and services, today announced WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR CAR INFOTAINMENT (PLATFORM CI), a market-specific integrated embedded platform that serves as the software foundation for developing car infotainment and telematic devices. Using PLATFORM CI, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can standardize on a single, market-specific integrated embedded platform across product lines, reducing their engineering costs and speeding development cycles.

The Telematics Research Group predicts there will be more than 105 million telematics-enabled automobiles on the roads worldwide between 2006-2010. To support the multitude of services that can be provided to the driver and passengers and ensure an affordable device cost, car infotainment and telematic device developers must use a proven and integrated software. By standardizing on a software platform like PLATFORM CI, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can effectively eliminate baseline development concerns and focus on their core business of developing new, innovative and affordable devices.

PLATFORM CI offers OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers an automotive market-specific embedded platform that pre-integrates the industry's most reliable real-time operating system (RTOS), Wind River's VxWorks®, with development tools, multimedia APIs and connectivity protocols. Using PLATFORM CI, manufacturers have all the foundation to develop highly reliable car infotainment products.

Key features of PLATFORM CI include:

  • Operating System, Embedded Development Tools and Automotive Hardware Support: PLATFORM CI relies on the support of the VxWorks RTOS, embedded development tools and hardware bring-up tools for leading car infotainment processors and companion chipsets.

  • Automotive Connectivity: PLATFORM CI provides drivers and protocols for devices connected to other in-vehicle devices, consumer electronics devices and the network infrastructure. Support such as CAN, MOST, USB, 802.11 is included.

  • Multimedia Support: PLATFORM CI includes WIND® ML (Wind River multimedia library), which provides support for graphical user interfaces and multimedia functionality.

  • Services and Training: PLATFORM CI includes credits that can be applied to services and training offerings in a flexible way. PLATFORM CI also features a customizable WIND SPRINT installation and orientation service - a two-day program at the customer's site designed to help accelerate project start-up and provide a context-specific introduction to PLATFORM CI.

  • Partner Technologies: To ensure a complete range of integrated technologies, Wind River has partnered with leading companies to address technology areas such as OSGi, speech recognition and synthesis, IDB-1394 networking, Bluetooth, browser and email technologies.

Ixfin Magneti Marelli Sistemi Elettronici, a global leader in the design and production of high-tech components and systems for the automotive industry, has worked with Wind River for more than five years on different iterations of its car-infotainment systems.

"The introduction of WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR CAR INFOTAINMENT proves to Ixfin Magneti Marelli Sistemi Elettronici that Wind River is a true collaborative partner for the automotive industry," said Antonino Damiano, Telematics Design Manager, Ixfin Magneti Marelli Sistemi Elettronici. "We are impressed that Wind River has listened and taken on board the design challenges Ixfin Magneti Marelli Sistemi Elettronici has faced to build a software solution that anticipates our future development needs for taking to market innovations in car-infotainment quickly and at the right cost. By providing a completely pre-integrated development environment built specifically for the automotive industry with extensive source code and service credits, WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR CAR INFOTAINMENT, is a winning idea".

"With the burgeoning consumer demand for vehicle services and functionality, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers developing car infotainment devices face an increasingly competitive market and a myriad of development challenges associated with increased device complexity," said Tony Tryba, vice president and general manager, automotive, industrial, defense and aerospace for Wind River. "By standardizing on WIND RIVER PLATFORM FOR CAR INFOTAINMENT, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can rely on proven integrated technologies and automotive expertise allowing their developers to focus on their competitive value added technologies in order to satisfy consumer demand."

PLATFORM CI adds to the growing number of market-specific integrated embedded platforms from Wind River, the first six of which are currently available. For more information on PLATFORM CI please visit

Wind River is going beyond the operating system by offering the most reliable integrated embedded platforms. With WIND RIVER PLATFORMS, manufacturers can now quickly build more complex and efficient products while delivering increased intelligence, connectivity and security without jeopardizing reliability. All WIND RIVER PLATFORMS tightly integrate a rich set of Wind River's market-leading operating systems, tools, connectivity software and management features with reference hardware and service credits to provide a complete foundation that meets the specific requirements of a vertical market. WIND RIVER PLATFORMS also include extensive source code. The depth of these platforms reduces project risk and enables developers to focus on differentiation and enhanced product performance. For more information on WIND RIVER PLATFORMS please visit

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