Wind River Drives IPv6 and IPSec Adoption--Next Generation PLATFORM CD Meets Continued Customer Demands

  • Wind River announces plans to support IPv6 across all of the company's integrated embedded platforms.
  • The first of those platforms, PLATFORM CD, provides the consumer electronics industry with the first ever, integrated embedded platform with dual IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities.

Alameda, CA-- September 2, 2003--Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: WIND), the worldwide market leader in embedded software and services, today announced its plans to eventually support IPv6 across all of the company's integrated embedded PLATFORMS. In so doing, Wind River provides the first-ever integrated platforms with dual IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities, allowing customers to take full advantage of cross-product efficiencies and meet the changing needs of the networked world. Kicking off this initiative, Wind River announced the integration of IPv6 and IPsec to its WIND RIVER® PLATFORM for Consumer Devices (PLATFORM CD 1.1).

PLATFORM CD 1.1 represents the first of Wind River's PLATFORMS to include IPv6 and IPsec support. With the integration of IPv6 and IPsec into Platform CD 1.1, consumer electronics manufacturers are provided with the additional Internet addresses, security and network authentication they require--enabling secure device to device or device to server communication for next-generation, Internet-enabled digital cameras, digital TVs, set-top boxes and printers. Through Wind River's subscription-based model, consumer electronic manufacturers can rely on Wind River to include market-specific technology required to stay competitive, year over year.

Anticipating the demand for IPv6 enabled devices, global companies are turning to Wind River's technology. Currently, PLATFORM CD is the strongest selling WIND RIVER PLATFORM and leading electronics manufactures such as, Motorola, Sony, Panasonic, Minolta, Pace and more continue to use Wind River's proven technology and services.

"Wind River's technology, tools and services have proven to be a cost effective, time saving development option," said Minoru Kuramoto, deputy general manager, development group, of Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. "With the IPv6 integration in PLATFORM CD 1.1, companies can build current and future products without incurring costly platform upgrades--allowing us to get our new products to market quickly and maximize their potential time in market."

The number of Internet-enabled networks is nearly doubling every year. With such rapid growth and the related increase in the use of wireless networked devices, the world is quickly running out of IP addresses to support the demand for connections. While the U.S. has the majority of Internet addresses, usable addresses for non-U.S. markets are quickly running out. IPv6 will make ubiquitous Internet connectivity affordable and practical--and Wind River's fully integrated embedded platforms provide the tailored IPv6 support necessary to create the next generation of Internet-enabled devices

WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Consumer Devices 1.1
PLATFORM CD 1.1 tightly integrates a rich set of Wind River's market-leading operating system, world-class development tools, connectivity software and management features with service credits to provide a complete embedded development foundation. End applications include printers, copiers, set-top boxes, digital televisions, digital cameras and emerging digital devices.

PLATFORM CD 1.1 includes:

  • Fully integrated embedded platform with Tornado development tools. VxWorks RTOS, wireless components (802.11b, 802.1x), USB stack, 2D graphics, networking components (SNMP, HTTP Server, PPPP, PPPoE, IPsec) and services

  • All components are IPv6 enabled and IPv6 integration tested

  • Scalable, embedded IP stack, supporting dual IPv4 and IPv6 modules

  • Enhanced network security and authentication with IPsec integration

  • Compatibility with MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, SuperH, XScale and IA32 processor architectures

"Through WIND RIVER PLATFORMS and our subscription based pricing model, Wind River is committed to providing our customers with increased value year over year," said Dave Fraser, group vice president, products for Wind River. "One of the ways we are creating that value comes from increased support for next generation, innovative technologies as seen with IPv6 in PLATFORM CD."

Pricing and Availability
PLATFORM CD's subscription model is priced to meet the price sensitive cost structure of digital consumer electronics. PLATFORM CD1.1 is available immediately. Current Wind River PLATFORM CD customers can receive PLATFORM CD 1.1 as a free upgrade. New customers can license PLATFORM CD through Wind River's flexible, subscription-based pricing model. For more information about WIND RIVER PLATFORM for Consumer Devices please visit

About Wind River
Wind River is the worldwide leader in embedded software and services. It provides market-specific embedded platforms that integrate real-time operating systems, development tools and technologies. Wind River's products and professional services are used in multiple markets including aerospace and defense, automotive, digital consumer, industrial, and network infrastructure. Wind River provides high-integrity technology and expertise that enables its customers to create superior products more efficiently. Companies from around the world turn to Wind River to create the most reliable products and to accelerate their time to market.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call Wind River at 1-800-872-4977.

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