Wind River and LSI Logic Extend Technology Partnership

ALAMEDA and MILPITAS, Calif., June 18, 2002 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND) and LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) today announced they have signed an agreement in which the two companies will extend their technology partnership through which Wind River's market-leading software and development tools are integrated with LSI Logic's current and future interactive digital video products. The agreement builds on a long-term relationship between the two companies (and C-Cube Microsystems, acquired by LSI Logic) and encompasses current and future products for the interactive digital video market including the set-top box and DVD market segments.

Through this agreement, digital video equipment manufacturers can leverage the latest software and development tool support from Wind River when using LSI Logic processors in their products. Customers are able to gain greater scalability in their designs, get to market faster and at a lower cost by leveraging integrated and bundled technologies from both companies.

Wind River's VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) and Tornado integrated development environment (IDE) are available with LSI Logic products incorporating its (SPARCv8-based) Multimedia RISC processor. These products currently include the LSI Logic family of ZiVA DVD system processors, DiMeNsion processors for DVD recordable and personal video recorder (PVR) products, and AViA processors for cable set-top boxes. In addition, Wind River's software is available with the LSI Logic MIPS-based processors, including the SC2000/SC2005 set-top box decoder for satellite, terrestrial and cable, as well as the complementary demodulators, such as the L64736 (satellite), L64781 (terrestrial) and L2151 (cable). Subsequent products in these families will continue to benefit from Wind River's development tools, giving customers a continuous, scalable platform for their next-generation devices.

"LSI Logic has always been a valued partner for Wind River, and we anticipate continued success in growing this relationship with our product roadmaps," said Joerg Bertholdt, director of marketing for Wind River's Digital Consumer group. "Our digital consumer electronics customers require accelerated development cycles in order to deliver the latest features at a price that is appealing to consumers. By working with LSI Logic to provide customers with highly integrated, bundled software/hardware development solutions, OEMs can drive down development costs and add advanced product features that ultimately get passed on to consumers."

Wind River's Tornado IDE coupled with the VxWorks embedded operating system is a powerful development platform for building scalable systems from DVD players to interactive digital set top boxes. Development teams can easily leverage the same code-base to target the compact code-size necessary in entry-level DVD players, while adding features such as TCP/IP connectivity to more complex systems. They can also leverage the performance of the VxWorks runtime environment to handle the multiple video streams found in more complex devices such as DVD recorders and hard-drive enabled PVRs.

"Wind River's products provide real-time performance in a stable and reliable environment, which allows for the rapid development of unique applications that complement our advanced technology," said Timothy Vehling, senior director of marketing for LSI Logic's consumer products. "The bundling of our mutual products provides OEMs a cost-effective solution and allows them to bring new products to market faster, such as DVD recorders utilizing our DiMeNsion-8600 processor."

The DMN-8600 is the industry's first single-chip DVD recorder system processor that supports all DVD recording and playback formats and enables feature-rich DVD recorder solutions, while significantly reducing system-level costs and design complexity for consumer electronics manufacturers. The cutting-edge features and benefits of the DMN-8600 complement the capabilities of the ZiVA line of DVD playback system processors.

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