Wind River Releases Comprehensive Device Software Platform for ARINC 653 Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) Applications


ALAMEDA, Calif. — January 11, 2006 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced the release of Wind River® VxWorks 653 v2.1, its enhanced ARINC 653 IMA platform for safety-critical systems. Delivering new enhanced safety and architecture features, Wind River’s ARINC 653 device software platform now enables A&D device manufacturers to develop and maintain safety-critical, standards-based, integrated modular applications faster and more reliably.

“A&D systems are continuing a rapid shift towards standards-based operations and, at the same time, manufacturers are being asked to deliver increasingly complex products, with higher quality, on budget and on schedule,” said John Fanelli, vice president of product management and planning at Wind River. “Customers need proven solutions that provide for ease of certification and the security to ensure their devices are always interoperable, reliable and reusable. With approximately 40,000 developers using Wind River’s platforms, our new enhancements are continued proof of our leadership in delivering a fast, easy, standards-based development platform for commercial and military devices, while also reducing costs.”

Low-Risk, Cost-Effective DO-178B Certification for Partitioned Systems
As A&D devices increasingly connect into larger systems, the certification process, while time consuming and often extremely costly, is crucial to ensuring that device software applications comply with industry safety standards. Standard Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) also provide application portability, and code re-use, as well as insurance that today’s systems will run well into tomorrow — an important consideration as A&D systems’ lifecycles are often greater than 20 years. To address this challenge, Wind River now provides the following features and functionality:

  • A Complete, Eclipse-Based Development Environment for ARINC 653:
    Wind River’s Platform for Safety Critical (PSC) for ARINC 653 is now fully integrated into the Workbench development environment, enabling the use of the industry-standard Eclipse workspace for ARINC 653 software development and deployment.

  • Updated DO-178B Level A Certification Artifacts:
    Wind River A&D product offerings now include updated versions of all required documentation to support DO-178B Level A, B, C, and D certification of operating systems. Certification evidence is delivered as a complete package on DVD in an advanced hyperlinked format for easy navigation and traceability, easing the time and expense required by certification services. This robust packaging of certification artifacts can also be used as a basis for IEC 61508 and FDA 510 (k) device certifications serving all SIL and medical device class levels.

  • DO-178B Qualified Tools:
    Wind River is announcing new DO-178B qualified monitoring tools to collect required DO-178B system and application performance data with near-zero intrusion. These monitoring tools support debug and test-for-credit in the certification environment and can be utilized in deployed systems to analyze systems on the ground. These tools monitor key system parameters like CPU time, memory usage, and ARINC ports. The optimized and automatic data collection provided via these tools helps ease the time-intensive certification process especially in complex MMU-partitioned application environments.

  • XML Configuration Tool for Device Certification for IMA:
    A new, powerful XML-based system for expressing ARINC 653 configuration data provides a sharp reduction in the certification and configuration costs of ARINC 653 systems. This DO-178B qualified development tool verifies correct compilation of ARINC 653 configuration data, thereby eliminating substantial rework and test for system updates and changes. In addition, this tool uniquely supports the separation of the roles of Platform Provider, System Integrator, and Application Developer, as required by the DO-297 IMA Development Guidance and Certification Issues document. This separation permits development teams from different subcontractors working on different IMA applications to easily make asynchronous deliveries to the system integrator, without triggering massive re-testing of the entire system.

“This DO-178B qualified development tool supports the deployment and maintenance of complex ARINC 653 systems. It improves confidence in the integrated system, thereby reducing time-to-flight,” states George Romanski, chief executive officer of Verocel. “By controlling and isolating changes to configuration records, system verification and re-verification costs are substantially reduced.”

Wind River VxWorks 653 v2.1 is available to customers today. To learn more about Wind River A&D technologies, please visit


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