Wind River Delivers Product Support for Latest Intel* XScale* Technology

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN JOSE, CA, September 9, 2002 - Wind River Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:WIND), a leading provider of software and services for connected devices, today announced general availability of a full suite of products supporting the latest Intel* XScale* technology-based chips. Manufacturers building next-generation solutions in networking, data storage, and other target markets can leverage advanced software support from Wind River including the VxWorks‡real-time operating system (RTOS), embedded networking stacks and middleware, Tornado‡integrated development environment (IDE) as well as hardware bring-up tools and hardware reference designs.

Through its unique Center of Excellence partnership with Intel, Wind River is able to support Intel processors with market-leading product solutions at the same time new Intel silicon is made available to customers. Aligning with Intel to deliver optimized, integrated development platforms eliminates the need for customers to spend valuable time integrating hardware with software.

Wind River is announcing support for the new Intel* IXC1100 control plane processor with their advanced software and debug tools. Also, Wind River will continue support for the Intel* IXP2800 and IXP2400 network processors for carrier-class and enterprise networking equipment, Intel* IXP425 Network Processor for broadband networking systems and Intel* IOP321 I/O processor for Intelligent RAID, Internet storage and network infrastructure equipment.

"Our new control plane processor and network and I/O processors are aimed at simplifying and accelerating the development of the latest designs for networking and storage solutions, and this is where Wind River's software and tools make an important contribution," said Doug Davis, general manager of the Intel Network Processor Division.

"Due to our close alliance with Intel, Wind River is able to provide the most comprehensive product offering for Intel XScale microarchitecture-based chips in the industry," said Tony Tryba, vice president and general manager of Wind River's Embedded Technologies business unit. "Many of our key networking and communications customers utilize the synergistic Intel XScale microarchitecture-based hardware in their applications, like that found in the Intel IXA network processors and the new IXC1100 control plane processor. Aligning with Intel to deliver optimized, integrated development platforms for these processors frees our customers from having to integrate software with hardware so they can focus on differentiating their products and getting to market."

Synopsis: Wind River is committed to providing product support for the latest Intel microprocessor technology. Users of new Intel* XScale* technology can leverage extensive embedded software and development tool support from Wind River including: Real-time operating system and hardware bring-up tool support for the Intel IXC1100 processor, Intel* IXP2800, IXP2400 and IXP425 network processors and Intel* IOP321 I/O processor.

Wind River's VxWorks RTOS, Tornado IDE, embedded networking stacks and hardware bring-up tools for the Intel IXC1100, Intel IXP425 and the Intel IOP321 I/O processor chipset are available today. Wind River is a member of the Intel Internet Exchange Architecture (IXA) Developer Network, ensuring compliance and interoperability of Wind River / Intel IXA products upon their delivery.

Wind River also provides a range of hardware and software design and debug tools that complement Intel Network (IXP425, IXP2400, IXP2800) and Control Plane (IXC1100) Processor families base on Intel XScale microarchitecture to address the demands for shorter product development cycles. Wind River hardware assisted tools products including visionICE II, visionPROBE II, and visionCLICK are now available.

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