Wind River Linux Platforms First to Integrate ARM TrustZone Software Technology

ALAMEDA, Calif. — October 5, 2005 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced it will optimize its Linux device software platforms and Wind River Workbench development suite to support ARM® TrustZone® technology, which provides a security foundation for ARM Powered® products. As user demand for advanced combinations of applications and services rapidly increases, device manufacturers must implement an integrated hardware and software platform that supports the security requirements mandated by these emerging next-generation devices. The combination of Wind River's commercial-grade Linux platforms and ARM TrustZone technology provides manufacturers with a trusted platform for delivering highly secure applications that ensure the customer confidence required to drive successful market adoption.

"As the emergence of next-generation devices continues to stretch the market's imagination with unique combinations of applications and services, security is emerging as a critical requirement for our customers," said John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer at Wind River. "ARM TrustZone technology offers an innovative approach for developing secure device environments our customers can rely on. Wind River is excited to be able to deliver the first commercial-grade Linux device solutions that offer unprecedented security capabilities enhanced with TrustZone technology."

When devices fail to resist malicious attacks, the resulting business consequences are significant and can have a devastating impact on manufacturers' revenue, customer satisfaction and time-to-market of future products. By enhancing its world-leading device software to be enabled with TrustZone software, Wind River is enabling manufacturers to address the imperative security needs of next-generation devices with an integrated hardware and software Linux environment designed specifically for platform security. Because Wind River's Linux platforms with support of ARM TrustZone technology provide a complete but flexible approach to device software security, manufacturers have the flexibility to differentiate their offerings by developing and implementing application-specific security functionality that best suits their products on top of the Wind River Linux platform and the TrustZone framework.

"The ARM TrustZone Software API, an open specification which enables application interoperability and lowers porting costs within a security framework, is gaining wide industry endorsement and quickly becoming a standard foundation for the implementation of security functions such as digital rights management, device protection and payment. The industry adoption of the TrustZone Software API and the availability of the ARM TrustZone software which implements this API enables OEMs to deliver robust and secure devices with considerably lower development cost and a shorter time-to-market," said Mike Inglis, executive vice president, marketing, ARM. "Wind River is highly regarded throughout the industry as a commercial-grade, quality device software provider and they plan to be the first to deliver a Linux platform that is enabled with our TrustZone technology. The combination of Wind River's Linux platforms and development suite with ARM TrustZone software unlocks a powerful environment for delivering 'security critical' applications, reliably, rapidly and cost-effectively."

ARM TrustZone technology enables the integration of security into the processor itself, while also providing trusted foundation software, protected by the hardware, providing operating systems providers, handset vendors and silicon designers with the ability to develop their own security solutions on top of an interoperable framework, with no required changes or disruption to current operating systems. Currently, security-aware applications must be rewritten for every security platform they run on, fragmenting the market and inhibiting a rich ecosystem of applications and services. The TrustZone software and open API provide a standard interface for these applications to be partitioned and to communicate with a secure-side component, independent of the actual system implementation.

Wind River delivers the industry’s only true commercial-grade Linux device software platforms complete with a “pristine-source” Linux distribution, full customer support, global professional services and a broad offering of training options; all backed by the safety of the trusted, market share leading device software technology provider. Based on a “pristine-source” of the Linux 2.6 kernel, Wind River’s solutions are fully tested, validated and optimized for development via the Wind River Workbench development suite. Wind River’s “pristine-source” Linux platforms offer customers the flexibility to easily customize, deploy and maintain their solutions without the complexity of managing “forked” Linux implementations that are extremely costly and unsustainable long-term. By completing its Linux offerings with worldwide full support included
in product subscription fees, customer-need-driven training courses, professional services from highly skilled Linux experts and the device software industry’s broadest partner ecosystem, Wind River offers customers the assurance, stability and reliability of deploying technology from the industry’s proven device software leader, with over 20 years of experience.

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