Wind River Premieres Complete DSO Solution on State of the Art Freescale Silicon

  • Wind River now supports Freescale’s latest PowerPC and PowerQUICC architectures across all Wind River DSO platforms including Linux and Workbench
  • Joint hardware/device software solution provides networking equipment manufacturers with powerful device development platform to develop networking equipment more quickly and reliably

ALAMEDA, CA. – June 22, 2005 – Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it is extending its strategic relationship with Freescale’s Networking and Computing Systems Group (NCSG) to provide support for Freescale’s latest PowerPC™ and PowerQUICC™ processors across all Wind River DSO platforms. Particularly relevant to the networking market, this announcement furthers Wind River’s and Freescale’s commitment in providing fully integrated DSO solutions that enable manufacturers to create reliable telecom device development and network equipment solutions better, faster and at a lower cost.

“Wind River is committed to working with Freescale in providing communications and networking equipment manufacturers with a tightly integrated, complete DSO solution that addresses the full lifecycle of their device software development needs,” said John Fanelli, vice president, product planning and management for Wind River. "By tightly aligning our product roadmaps, we are able to expand our OS support, drive innovation, and continue to make the device development process more efficient and more cost effective for our joint customers."

To stay competitive in today’s fast-changing environment, network equipment manufacturers must increasingly rely on software as a key differentiator. By implementing a DSO strategy, network equipment manufacturers can build powerful and reliable telecom devices and networking equipment at a much lower cost and at the same time minimize risk and time-to-market. By providing broad support across vertical markets such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer devices, wireless, pervasive computing, and networking, the combination of Wind River’s DSO solutions and Freescale processors plays a crucial role in helping equipment manufacturers develop complex systems. With this unified DSO and silicon solution, the industry has started seeing real benefits to taking an open, fully optimized and integrated approach to developing powerful and reliable devices and equipment.

“With the network equipment market changing so rapidly, our customers are constantly looking to us to provide solutions that will help them differentiate themselves,” said David Perkins, senior vice president and general manager of Freescale’s Networking and Computing Systems Group. “By using Wind River Workbench to integrate our PowerQUICC and PowerPC families with Wind River’s platforms, including Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, we are able to offer our customers a state-of-the-art, fully optimized device development solution, giving them the platform and the support they need to compete. We believe that focusing on openness, key differentiators and core competencies is the best approach in developing intelligent and reliable equipment quickly and cost effectively.”

Offering customers a wide array of solutions, Wind River provides integrated support for multiple operating systems and standards-based tools that are tuned for Freescale architecture. In addition to support for Wind River’s popular VxWorks® operating system, the company’s Linux Platform offering is based on the latest Linux technologies via, and delivers an integrated platform designed for both “hard-core” Linux kernel developers as well as Linux-based application developers. Through strategic relationships with the open-source community, Wind River is making key investments in Linux for device software that translate into best of breed solutions on Freescale silicon.

Eclipse-based Wind River® Workbench is the industry’s first and only Eclipse-based open device software development solution, and plays a key role as the first Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to enable and get initial silicon up and running for the latest members of Freescale’s PowerQUICC II Pro and PowerQUICC III communications processor families. Now, joint Wind River and Freescale customers can focus developments on their key differentiators and take advantage of the latest and most advanced technology from both companies. Developers also benefit as the Workbench IDE spans across the entire development process, supporting development on both VxWorks and popular Linux operating systems, as well as Express Logics’ small footprint ThreadX operating system.

Freescale’s PowerQUICC processors, including the MPC8548E, have a proven track record in the communications and networking industry. To date, Freescale has shipped nearly 200 million communications processors. As the world’s leading communications processor architecture, PowerQUICC processors are used by more than 500 equipment manufacturers to provide processing intelligence for more than 5,000 communications and networking system designs. With full support across all Wind River platforms including Wind River Workbench, joint customers in the networking space and other key verticals, have the distinct benefit of having more choice and flexibility in working with either Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX or other third-party and proprietary operating systems.

To provide further DSO support for the networking market, Wind River, Artesyn Technologies and Freescale have announced the availability of optimized market solutions on Carrier Grade Linux and AdvancedTCA boards for the telecom market. See related release announced today:

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