Wind River Device Software Optimization Technology Flying at the Heart of the Boeing KC-767A Tanker Aircraft’s Integrated Modular Avionics Design

  • World's leading aerospace company selects Wind River DSO technology for use in mission control system on Boeing KC-767A Tanker aircraft
  • Maiden flight of Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653, the industry's first multi-application COTS ARINC standards-based platform in flight

PARIS and ALAMEDA, CA. — PARIS AIR SHOW -- June 13, 2005 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 has been deployed by Smiths Aerospace for Boeing's advanced aerial refueling tanker. This Italian Air Force KC-767A recently flew its maiden flight in May and will be flying from the United States to France for the Paris Air Show. The Smiths Aerospace Mission Control System (MCS), which manages the flight guidance, navigation, and communications capabilities for the Boeing KC-767A aircraft, utilizes Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653, a reliable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) foundation which improves product performance and reliability, critical to keeping both people and information safe. The KC-767A MCS is the first in-flight avionics application to use the Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 — proving that Wind River’s solutions meet the highest level requirements for reliability and safety.

In order to remain competitive in today's fast changing landscape, aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers must optimize their device software development to provide next-generation applications with unprecedented levels of security and connectivity. Wind River and Smiths Aerospace collaborated on Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 for Boeing to provide a solution that met ARINC 653 requirements and supported the development goals of the Boeing KC-767A tanker program. This platform provides an efficient environment for the development of certifiable systems and applications, with attendant low cost of change, to support Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA). Wind River is the only DSO provider to deliver quality solutions that provide A&D manufacturers with the tools they need to continue developing technology that distinguishes them from their competitors while lowering development costs.

"Smiths' and Boeing's use of Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 further demonstrates to the greater aerospace and defense industry that Wind River DSO solutions have taken flight," said Rob Hoffman, program director, aerospace and defense field operations, Wind River. "Wind River has quickly established itself as a trusted provider of airborne avionics operating systems and tools, transferring our 20 plus years of experience to yet another critical area in the aerospace and defense industry."

Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 is completely ARINC 653 compliant and provides robust partitioning in space and time to ensure fault containment in accordance with IMA requirements. It also comes with a fully integrated development environment designed to support development and certification of applications to meet RTCA/DO-178B, Level A certification. As part of the flight certification of Boeing KC-767A Tanker aircraft, Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 is providing certification artifacts that meet RTCA/DO-178B Level A requirements. The current Smiths MCS has five "partitions" certifiable to RTCA/DO-178B software levels ranging from Level B to Level E. Additionally, Wind River Platform Safety Critical ARINC 653 enables A&D manufacturers to benefit from a flexible business model that can be used across multiple products and projects.

AdaCore supplied the GNAT Pro Ada Technology used in the tanker project as part of its partnership with Wind River. "We are pleased to be part of the team that has helped make possible Smiths Aerospace & Boeing's successful maiden flight of the KC-767A tanker," said Robert Dewar, president & chief executive officer, AdaCore.

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