Wind River Extends Leadership Position in Network Equipment Software Market

  • Announces new versions of Wind River Platform for Network Equipment; only vendor to offer integrated platform for network equipment with support for both VxWorks and Linux
  • Announces Network Equipment Device Services Practice, further establishing its position as the only DSO provider to offer tailored consulting and design services
  • Extends partner ecosystem to optimize the development process and foster innovative engineering
  • Expands COTS hardware support with support for leading ATCA board vendors

ALAMEDA, Calif. and CHICAGO — SUPERCOMM — June 7, 2005 — Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), today announced that it is transforming the network equipment software industry with the availability of the latest versions of Wind River® Platform for Network Equipment, a fully integrated DSO solution that enables network equipment manufacturers to create innovative and reliable network equipment solutions better, faster and at a lower cost. Also announced today, Wind River launched its Network Equipment Device Services Practice, bringing to the industry the only comprehensive, worldwide service entity that offers a full range of device design and development services.

"Wind River consistently raises the bar in the network equipment space, by making the vision of standards-based, easy to use solutions that span seamlessly from Linux to major proprietary operating systems a reality," said Chris Lanfear, director, VDC software practice. "Market needs have shifted, and now network equipment manufacturers are in dire need of development solutions that are cost effective and easily support Linux and proprietary environments. Without that, manufacturers won't be able to compete. Wind River's two pronged Linux and VxWorks approach addresses that shift and gives manufacturers the platform they need to compete."

Wind River Platform for Network Equipment
Renewed health in the economy means increased pressure to get new products to market fast. New complexity in the products themselves, though, can slow development, especially when engineers have to spend time integrating incompatible software, tools and processes before they can add differentiated value to their brand. The platform integrates VxWorks and Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) with Wind River Workbench, telecom-specific middleware and training and professional services to jump-start engineers and get reliable products to market quickly. Based upon the Eclipse framework, Wind River Workbench provides the deep capabilities that support the entire development life-cycle from hardware bring-up to product test and manufacture. Workbench provides standardization on one common development suite across an entire organization, and is extensible and scalable so that it allows customers to meet unique project needs, and seamlessly integrates hundreds of third party plug-ins. Additional key features and functionality include:

Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition

  • Leading Operating System support: Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition is a mainstream release of Carrier Grade Linux version 2 based on the Linux 2.6.10 kernel and includes an advanced and open cross-build system. Support for POSIX CGL features and a messaging and clustering framework based on TIPC are included.

  • Strong standards support: The company has formally registered Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition 1.1 against the CGL 2.0 specification with Open Source Development Labs (OSDL). Wind River also provides updated support for Eclipse in the Wind River Workbench development suite, which is part of Wind River Platform for Network Equipment. Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition provides standards-based networking functionality for mainstream networking and application packages for IP networking, storage, security, and device management.

  • Hardware support: Wind River provides expanded architecture support for both Intel architecture and PowerPC on boards from leading telecom commercial off the shelf (COTS) board vendors including Motorola, Radisys and Artesyn.

Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks Edition

  • Leading Operating System support: Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks Edition relies on the proven VxWorks operating system which provides process support and advanced memory protection, as well as configurable error management. Support for standards, increased POSIX compliance and TIPC are included.

  • Standards-based networking functionality: Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, VxWorks Edition provides runtime technology meeting the current demand for performance, security, and wireless functionality in network equipment. Latest standards support for IPv4/IPv6, WiFi, security protocols and device management are included.

Wind River Network Equipment Device Services Practice
As part of its comprehensive networking device platform solution, Wind River now offers a Network Equipment Device Services Practice which provides its networking customers expert outsourcing and consulting services, specifically designed to help network equipment providers speed time to revenue with high quality and reliability.

  • Device design: Includes system requirements development, hardware and software high-level architecture design, technology assessments, and partial and complete design outsourcing to help ensure a project's success.

  • BSP and driver optimization: Includes development and maintenance of Wind River-compliant Linux and VxWorks BSPs and customized drivers.

  • Legacy application and infrastructure migration: Port to and validate legacy software systems with new platforms.

  • New technology integration: Integrate new standards such as 802.11 (WiFi) and 8902.16 (WiMAX) into your hardware platform of choice.

  • Linux migration: Evaluate and recommend an effective porting strategy to migrate current applications to new platforms.

  • Real-time best practices: Industry experts with extensive networking device software expertise and demonstrable project successes ensure your successful product development.

DSO Ecosystem
To ensure a complete range of integrated technologies, Wind River has partnered with leading hardware and software providers to address technology areas such as layer 2 and 3 switching and routing, voice and signaling, High Availability and databases.

At SuperComm, Wind River’s DSO ecosystem partners will be demonstrating a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) ATCA application with guaranteed dial-tone reliability based on the Wind River Platforms. The application shows how an existing open source VoIP application can quickly be turned from a standalone monolithic architecture to a distributed, highly available solution, using commercially available components and the Wind River Platforms. With this reference design, Wind River, RadiSys, GoAhead and Solid Technologies will demonstrate the following:

  • RadiSys ATCA solution, based on Intel architecture, running on Wind River Linux, GoAhead high availability middleware and Solid high availability databases.

  • Significant time to market reductions.

  • ATCA as a superior platform for building carrier grade applications.

  • Cutting edge IMS applications running on ATCA.

  • Carrier grade data management from Solid Technologies that is easily integrated into applications that run in the ATCA environment.

  • How best to use ecosystem partners to retrofit ordinary applications to make them carrier grade.

"In today's competitive environment, telco providers and manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to satisfy stringent Service Level Agreements and deliver the performance required for today’s complex services, while at the same time looking to decrease costs and quicken time-to-market," said Alain Couder, president and chief executive officer, Solid Information Technology. "With Wind River's powerful and fully integrated Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, coupled with Solid's carrier grade data management solution, our joint customers can now add new services and capabilities with much greater speed and at lower cost than ever before, and with more reliability than ever before, making data as available and pervasive as the dial tone."

Other key Wind River partners today spoke out in support of Wind River Platform for Network Equipment:

"Wind River has clearly taken the lead in offering an integrated development and run-time environment for carrier grade Linux," said Todd Wynia, vice president of marketing, Artesyn Communication Products. "Artesyn's high-availability AdvancedTCA blades, together with Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, provide an ideal foundation for building a broad range of high-availability telecom infrastructure systems, and we are confident that our joint customers will benefit from these products."

"GoAhead SelfReliant 4.0, a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product, provides telecom equipment manufacturers a proven, carrier-grade application ready software platform," said Dr. Asif Naseem, senior vice president and chief technology officer, GoAhead Software. "With the integration of SelfReliant and Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, our customers can now achieve high availability of five nines or greater and develop powerful and reliable network equipment faster and at a lower cost than ever before."

"Wind River is emerging as a market leader in carrier grade Linux," said Todd Etchieson, senior director, RadiSys. "The RadiSys Promentum™ SYS-6000, a carrier grade AdvancedTCA platform for control, management and data-plane applications, together with Wind River, provides an integrated platform that allows our customers to develop solutions the speed their development cycle and improves their time to market."

Wind River will be exhibiting the Wind River Platform for Network Equipment at SuperComm in Chicago, Illinois June 6-9 in Solid Information Technology booth # 53015. Wind River will also be present in the Service Availability Forum booth # 71022 as its member and representative, further demonstrating Wind River’s strong commitment to standards.

"The network equipment industry is a vast space, encompassing several distinct markets and many market segments. No single run-time platform can serve the entire network equipment industry," said John Fanelli, vice president product planning and management, Wind River. "That's why Wind River Platforms provide flexibility in run-time applications by supporting the two leading operating systems for networking devices: VxWorks and Linux. Wind River has all the capabilities needed to bring the benefits of DSO to every step in the development lifecycle, across every type of project in the burgeoning telecom industry."

About Wind River
Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop and run device software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River Platforms are pre-integrated, fully standardized enterprise-wide development solutions. They reduce effort, cost and risk, and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process from concept to deployed product.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call Wind River at 1-800-872-4977.

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